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Mateo Musacchio fix

For those of you who want your daily Mateo Musacchio fix the word is we have our price and we are sticking to it, if that tales us all the way to the end of the window so be it. Villarreal want £13 million (€16.34m) for themselves, talk about having your cake and eat it.

Mateo Musacchio fix

Their cut is of £17 million (€21.36m) is £5.95 million (€7.48), if the agent dropped his share that would still only give them £11.05 million (€13.89m)! Greedy or what.

They bought the players cheaply because of third party ownership, 65% owned by former club and his agent, thus Villarreal only had to pay for 35% of the player. When it comes to selling they want more than their 35% share. They are insisting the agents gives up part of his player ownership profits, why should he.

All parties know what the player is worth, all parties agree what the player is worth, we are offering what the player is worth, Villarreal want a other peoples slice of the cake as well as their own. If they didn't want this situation they shouldn't have bought the player in this manner in the first place, but then it's the only way they can afford to build a team.

As I revealed last week they have already signed his replacement, who has now been unveiled hence papers now catching up with the story. The locals say he hasn't been offered a contract only that the club were supposedly thinking about it but money isn't the issue for the player, yes he'd like to come to us and double, treble his wages but he sees Spurs as a step up in grade.

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He is training with the squad but not all the training sessions, he trains with the team in the mornings and does gym work in the afternoons so he is not taking a full part, which again suggests he is not part of their plans. He was pulled out of their 2-0 friendly win against Middlesborough on August 2nd and their 3-0 victory against Swamsea on Saturday August 9th.

They have another friendly on Thursday so it will be all eyes on the squad to see if he is involved or not.

Everyone wants a sale so it is a case of sit tight and wait for Villarreal to give, which they will have to do or be stuck with too many players and a wage bill they can't afford. Nobody else is interested so at the moment we have no competition and are in a strong position.


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