Kane development important for Spurs Identity

Harry Kane is young, he's only 21 which seems to escape many Spurs fans. For years many have been saying he isn't good enough get rid of him, yet he is only learning his trade.

Harry Kane development important for Spurs

He emerged last season and showed he has made strides forward from the nervous player in front of goal on the bigger stage to one that scores goals and influences games. The blind Sherwood haters find it impossible to see the positive effect he had on the youth at Tottenham and that those he gave chances to took them.

Kane surprisingly started the home leg against Benfica and had a poor game, but then so did a host of players, Sandro was so far off the pace it was untrue and couldn't provide any cover for the defence, yet Kane was the one who took the stick.

The return leg saw him come off the bench in the second half and change the game, having a hand in both goals. Premier League starts followed and he started banging in a goal a game, looking every bit the Premier League player.

You could say he achieved his aims.

"I knew [at the start of the season] that I was going to stay here, I wanted to break through. I had to be patient early on but I’ve got my chance at the back end and I’ve taken it. 
“I’ve got my goals so hopefully I can take that into next season, see what happens and hit the ground running."

In an earlier interview he expressed his desire to kick on and put pressure on Roy Hodgson to select him for a full England cap.

“I’ve played for England at all levels below the senior squad and that is the next step for me. 
“Roy Hodgson watches most of the games in the Premier League. When Andros was playing well, he chose him and Andros helped England qualify for the World Cup. I want to break into that squad eventually."
That is a good aim to have but to achieve he he has to not only break into the team on a regular basis but score goals as well. The signs are positive. Pochettino has been brought in to improve the youth and he tried to get Harry Kane to Southampton so clearly he likes what he sees.

Kane has already scored in pre-season and against Celtic saw another option to his game, playing the central role behind a lone striker.

The first choice three at the moment appear to be Lennon, Eriksen and Lamela with Townsend Kane and Holtby as back up players. They'll get plenty of game time and having several strings to his bow can only help Kane.

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As he points out on the club website awhile ago, he is not the only youngster coming through both for Tottenham and England.

“We have a great crop of youngsters coming through at the minute and it’s good that we’re being used. It’s important for English football and club football to be getting a chance at the top level and I feel every time we’ve had a chance, we’ve done well. 
“The fans like big signings and new players coming in, but there are home-grown players who have been there for years who wear the shirt with pride and want to prove themselves. It’s good competition. 
“We have the potential and it’s good that we’ve had the opportunity at such a young age. We’ve all got the ability to push on and make a statement in this team. 
“For me, being a local lad and being part of my home club, for me, it’s extra special. We’ve been doing well recently. … I think people are starting to notice it.”

We have seen him play on the left, as a lone striker and centrally behind a lone striker, where he showed vision and touch, as well as finishing. He is the type we need, someone who has been at the club 10 years and has a feeling for it, someone who feels it is home.

It's important for others coming through, if we are ever to build a successful team, that home grown club bonded players emerge, get their chance and take it. He has a Tottenham identity and there are few players playing in the first team who have it, indeed anyone who does the fans want sold it seems.

With players with a Tottenham identity we may have the chance of keeping hold of them and building a Champions League side around them.

Of all the aspects to his job, improving the likes of Harry Kane is an important part of it.

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  1. Deserved to.be at the world cup could be England 's best striker ever