It's back, the Premier League (EPL) 2014/15

Today 3pm and the season kicks-off in the richest league in the world, with what will be once again a season with rare Saturday fixtures for us Spurs fans.

It's back, the Premier League (EPL) 2014/15

The wait has been too long for the Premier League (EPL) 2014/15 but finally it's here. We can forget transfer speculation and soap operas for a bit and concentrate on the football.

The league generates billions of pounds and is the most watched league in the world, being as it is broadcast in more countries than any other league. It's the league the world wants to watch because the football is different, it's faster, it's more physical, it has more action and it's more end to end stuff, in short it's the most entertaining so people want to watch it.

Burnley are newly promoted but haven't any experience to their squad, a dangerous ploy that may see them go straight back down. Presumably they want to keep the clubs finances in check and have a season where, yes they get relegated, but puts the club on a healthy financial footing.

When you are promoted to the Premier League your transfer policy is different to other clubs, you use short term deals and therefore look to older players with Premier League (EPL) experience to consolidate for 2 years, then you turn your attention to building long term, so your signings become longer and younger.

QPR have done both with the vast experience of Les Ferdinand and the proven Premier League calibre of former Tottenham centre-half Steven Caulker. They also have a manager with Premier League (EPL) experience, former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp. They could well stay up this season.

Leicester City have also brought in players with that vital Premier League (EPL) experience and like QPR have sought an experienced centre-back, former West Ham man Matthew Upson as well as Mark Allbrighton from Aston Villa. There is also news that they are about to sign Inter Milan defensive midfielder Estaban Cambiasso, a reputed former Tottenham target. He could be key to their season, Leicester look a difficult team to judge but a tough year is expected.

Aston Villa and WBA are going to be scrapping with the relegation candidates this season, WBA have an inexperienced manager while Aston Villa area shambles that Randy Lerner is looking to offload.

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The top will be the usual contestants with Diego Costas goal winning the title for Chelsea ahead of Manchester City. Liverpool you expect to drop, Manchester United to rise, all will be much the same as it is season after season. It's a seven team league once again and at this stage the beauty is that anything could happen.

Tottenham chances, well I see them as actually quite good. I'm not one for all this time to settle nonsense and need to gel rubbish,players do that very quickly and clubs have been buying players without a care in the world it seems. More to the point was the managers, they very quickly lost the dressing room and that ends a season for any team.

A new head coach, a new system, although it's just an adjustment to a system they have already played, now sees a happy camp. A happy dressing room is a dressing room that gives a little more so picking up the system quickly will see Spurs challenging for a top four place straight away. I don't think the team will need a bedding in season at all and a return to fifth may well be on the cards.

Predicted Results - Week 1

Arsenal to beat Crystal Palace
Chelsea to beat Burnley
Everton to beat Leicester
Liverpool to beat Southampton
Manchester United to beat Swansea
Newcastle United and Manchester City a score draw
QPR and Hull City a score draw
Stoke City to beat Aston Villa
Sunderland to beat WBA

Whatever the future holds we are glad the Premier League (EPL) season is finally with us again, the wait is as ever too long, We just need a positive result now to set us off on the right path.

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