For King enjoyment is one of the keys to success

Tottenham legend Ledley King is a busy man, he flies all over the world as part of his ambassadorial role and work with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

For King enjoyment is one of the keys to success

Part-time he also fits in coaching the Under 18 side who beat Norwich in their opening game of the season.

He spoke to reporters recently and explained that the slow style of play that they were playing under Andre Villas-Boas didn't suit the club and didn't suit the players. Tottenham promote fast attacking football, flair, that is their brand and a brand has to be maintained for commercial success.

Without commercial success there can never be success on the field so they go hand in hand and while commerce will not dictate what happens on the field, playing with style will always be high on any manager requirements.

Mauricio Pochettino certainly did that at Southampton so improving youngsters and playing with style you would think makes him an excellent match for the club. Daniel Levy certainly though so after they had made very extensive background checks in an effort to finally find the right manager for the long term.

The signs have been positive so far and King has been impressed with what he has seen.

"The manager has come in and is doing something that most of the players have never done before. I've been impressed. Speaking to the players it’s obvious pre-season has been tough but enjoyable. 
"They can see where the manager wants to go with this. It’s not just hard work for the sake of hard work - it has a motive behind it. They can see why they’re going to have to be fit. We need pace and fit players to get around the pitch to play at a high tempo. 
"Last season we were guilty of not playing at the tempo we've been used to. That’ll come back this season. The lads are happy. 
"The chairman has done a great job over the years. From where we were when I was breaking through to the end of my career has a lot to do with the chairman. He’s driving and trying to make us a top team. 
‘We've obviously had a lot of changes but that’s through a chairman who is passionate and wants the team to do well. 
"Hopefully we’ll go on and win the league in the next few years."

If you are going to work players hard it is vital they enjoy it, you can't run a football club with an unhappy dressing room or with players that resent the manager, you'll never be able to get the best out of players.

The dressing room was an unhappy place when he came in and his first job has been to unite it again, to get everyone enjoying their football again, bit to do that while making them work harder than they have worked under previous managers.

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That can only be a success if the players like you and buy into what you are trying to achieve, buy into how you are trying to achieve it, how you want to play. They have done that and someone like Lewis Holtby epitomises that, every time he is on the field he is full of energy.

It's a point King sees as important for everyone, not just professional footballers and especially in the young.

"Seeing kids who are passionate about the game and want to learn and develop is fantastic. 
"We want to see people play the game with a smile on their face and it’s up to the players at the top of the game to be role models for all those youngsters who aspire to be just like them. 
“They still remember me at this point. That makes me happy. I love interacting with them [young people] and as long as they have a passion and enjoy what they’re doing, they’ve got a chance at succeeding.”

That applies to anyone at any stage of their lives, find something you enjoy and you'll find a way to make a success of it if you truly believe you will. Gareth Bale had his dream to play for Real Madrid as a kid, Ledley King had his dream to be a professional footballer.

“Watching the game on television as 10-year-old determined that football was something I wanted to do. My debut were an unbelievable experience. Coming out against Liverpool in front of the Kop was amazing and the atmosphere was electric. It was a little bit scary as I was just a kid.”

Combine enthusiasm and hard work with a little intelligence and there is a road to success mapped out for everyone. The Tottenham hierarchy will be hoping our road to success is now mapped out too.

The next step is an end product for the energy and effort, combine those and we'll have a successful team.

It's the start of another Tottenham journey that we all hope is set to be an enjoyable one this time.

Ledley King was speaking at the launch of Barclays' new advert for the Premier League season.

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