Dier shows why Freund role is important

Eric Dier is naturally all the rage but we must remember he is only young. Yes he did well but his is not the finished article and he can't simply play every game, as Mauricio Pochettino pointed out in his post match interview.

Dier shows why Freund role is important

Tim Sherwood had the same issue with Nabil Bentaleb last season, there comes a time when they need a rest, initially though it usual to keep taking them in and out of the side to gain experience.

Right now he is rather crucial, he is a distance ahead of Zeki Fryers who at 21 isa year older, actually he is 16 months older. The difference in their abilities is down to where they learnt to play the game, Dier grew up learning to play in Portugal, Fryers in England.

In Portugal the training is about developing the player in England winning is too important. In Portugal for instance a defender will have to play as an attacker so he can learn that trade as well, why, because he becomes a better player, he learns new skills, he learns hoe to beat a centre-back so when he returns to play there he also has that knowledge to call upon, that experience.

The benefits, well we saw one on Saturday, he finished with the composure of a centre-forward, but apart from that he played centre-back and looked perfectly comfortable as a right-back also.

"I grew up in a different country and learned a different country's way. It doesn't mean it's better or worse, it's just different. 
"It's not really about winning, only once you get to the reserves or the seniors. As kids, you want to win but it wasn't their main ambition. 
"Their ambition was just to teach us the best way to play football and let us make mistakes. You were never punished for making a mistake, it was almost seen as a good thing because you learn from it."

Over here there is too much pressure from parents to win, most of whom haven't a clue when it comes to coaching. In all walks of life we learn from our mistakes and as Dier says football is no different. The problem is not making mistakes it's keep making the same mistakes, if you can learn from them then you can improve.

Look at Danny Rose and Andros Townsend, both are showing improvements, although certain sections are loath to admit it. Against Schalke Rose had an excellent 45 minutes, against West Ham he again put in a good performance.

For those who remember he started last season in similar vein, early in the season he was excellent, then injury struck and a slight change to the way we play simply left him exposed again and again. He was a bit like a rabbit stuck in headlights at times but his game has certainly improved since then.

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I hailed Steffan Freund's appointment as International Technical Co-ordinator as an important role and I firmly believe it is, the more Eric Dier's we can pick up, the more we can send our youngsters abroad to develop quicker and get first team football sooner the better in my view. He will be central to that policy.

In Portugal, Belgium, Holland they can get first team experience at 18 instead of 22, 23 over here, it's a world of difference. Christian Eriksen wouldn't have played if he were English, he still be looking at a loan in League One or the Championship, he is 9 months older than Alex Pritchard.

Sending Grant Ward to Chicago Fire for a year is a start, but we need club tie ups where we can have 18 year-olds playing first team football and you would think in cash strapped Spain there would be a second division club we could have a tie up with.

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