Spurs tour is important to build a fan base

When you read quotes from some of the youngster in Major League Soccer (MLS) you can begin to understand the importance of these games to the development of football in America and the untapped fan base over there.

Spurs tour is important to build a fan base

As with any new market it is important to get in there first and Tottenham are doing all they can with an American kit sponsor in Under Armour and going on 3 pre-season tours in the last 5 years there.

Manchester United have done that rather well in Asia and particularly Japan. Tottenham need to grab as large a piece of the American pie as they can. Interest is high on the back of a good showing by the USA (USMNT - US Mens National Team) at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Football in America took off last year and the World Cup only helped that. A tour right after is an ideal time to introduce the club to new people. As a child if the first game you go to see is Tottenham Hotspur then there is a chance that child will grow up to be a Spurs fan.

But the chance to see Premier League stars is not just for the kids, younger players look forward to it too.

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Toronto FC manager Ryan Nelsen recalled his young days when he used to get the chance to play against Premier League opposition.

"When you rub shoulders against them it's kind of a bar to see where you are. That's how I used to liken it when I was a young guy, to see what the difference is. Can I match it with these guys? 
"Once you get a bit older, once you play alongside these guys, you realise that they're human, they make the exact same mistakes as we all do out here and they're very similar. The gap's not as big as everybody thinks."

But probably more important are the words of two current youngsters who will get the chance to play tomorrow, 21-year-old defender Doneil Henry.

"Every time I can play an EPL team it really does mean something because that's where you want to be at the end of the day -- (the) top-flight."

Rookie defender Nick Hagglund was playing for Xavier University Musketeers against the likes of Villanova, Missouri State and Butler just a year ago.

"Any time you can play against the best, it gives you an opportunity to measure yourself where you are and also get exposure. It's going to be an extremely memorable moment."
The importance and enthusiasm shines through, it's no different that you yourself getting the chance to play against Tottenham, the guys can be star struck too.

The game may come during a bust schedule for Toronto FC but that just means that everyone will get some game time as they try to keep legs fresh. It's a chance for those on the bench to get a chance to impress Nelsen and a chance for Spurs to learn from the Seattle Sounders game while also giving their youngsters game time.

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