Soldado & Lamela self-confidence the key

The singular most important element in a successful football player is self-confidence which is all in the mind. It's not talent, that's required, but ti's secondary to the right mental attitude.

Soldado & Lamela

Developing a players confidence is vital for withstanding and recovering from the setbacks Premier League football throws at you, such as a defeat or a poor performance.

For two players this is even more vital, Erik Lamela and Roberto Soldado.

Both had season's to forget and how much they have pushed that out of their minds brining in a positive mental attitude instead will determine their success this season.

Erik Lamela for instance has been to see his family, he has been to his old club training and now is pre-season training, he is interacting on Twitter, which indicates he feels part of something, and has started an Istagram account. Again this is a positive as it shows he is not hiding away, it generates an air of I have nothing to worry about, an air of confidence.

Roberto Soldado is older, has a family, has children, he has been able to relax and just forget the worries of last season, he has been through the turmoil of get me out of here and released that from his mind. Now, by all the accounts I have heard, he is happy, he is not looking to leave. In the team environment he is happy, right now he is confident.

Their confidence will be reflected during training, in games, through body language and through their comments. As fans we have access to pictures, games we can view and comments made.

Youngster Lamela, as I have mentioned, is exuding confidence with his public approach for instance.

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Confidence can be shown in the following ways:

- high self-belief - a real "I can do it" attitude
- projecting a positive image through good body language
- enjoying and having fun in competition and training
- not unduly worried about losing or consequences
- calm, collected, concentrated, and high self-control
- don't feel the need to impress others
- accept themselves for the way they are whilst understanding their strengths and weaknesses

Past performance is a key issue is establishing, maintaining or repairing confidence, both have performed before so they have that to call upon, the next leg is transferring that performance to now, to pre-season, then to the Premier League.

They will then get themselves into a positive confidence cycle, where their performances will feed their confidence and produce even more confidence and therefore better performances.

Soldado and Lamela must look at the positive side of things, be correctly prepared, committed and see situations as challenges not problems, they must trust themselves.

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