Should Spurs move for Richards?

Micah Richards needs to rebuild his career and therefore needs games, sitting on a bench is going to be no good to him at all.

Should Spurs move for Richards?

He now wants a loan move after clubs have baulked at Manchester City's £7 million (€8.84m) asking price for a player who basically hasn't played for 2 years. Spurs fans have seen how Younès Kaboul has played after a year out. He played 90 minutes in the first game of the season at Newcastle in 2012 and has hardly put in a decent performance since.

The following season was break downs and niggling injuries, injuries because one part of your body is compensating for another part of your body. Kaboul having damaged his knee has subsequently had hip and calf problems. He had a run in the side when the season was over and looked a shadow of the player Spurs fans have only ever seen for one season.

Should Spurs move for Richards?

Like Kaboul, Richards had a knee operation, his was in October 2012. That kept him out for the remainder of the season and in the season just finished he played just 2 Premier League games. He could well now have a season of injuries as he starts to play more, the same as Kaboul.

His initial price was reported as £15 million (€18.53m) which was a crazy figure, now Manchester City seem to want £7 million (€8.84m) which again is a daft price for a player who may well break down at any time. His potential is irrelevant, his ability before his injury is irrelevant. He is a potential injury waiting to happen and you simply wouldn't pay more then £5 million (€6.31m) for him, if even that to be honest.

Liverpool, Spurs and Newcastle United are not interested at £7 million (€8.84m) so now Micah Richards has to rely on Manchester City allowing him to run down the last year of his contract on loan and leave on a free transfer. Unless the club have the players best interests at heart, as they claim they have with all players, then there is no benefit to City in allowing it.

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They have offered him a new contract but he is not interested in being a third choice, after a long term injury he needs to be playing and his game time needs to be managed. At a sensible figure I'd take him at Tottenham, rebuild his career and then decide to keep him or cash in.

With a large number of Europa League games and Cup games he could be brought back playing every Thursday night before Christmas, allowing Walker or a centre-back a rest. Newcastle have bought a right-back so that avenue may not be open and Tottenham have Kyle Naughton covering at right-back.

Richards would be an upgrade on Naughton so I think the risk would be one worth taking. Zeki Fryers can provide additional cover at left-back so Naughton should be needed less there. If we sold Naughton and bought Richards we'd break even on the deal but his wages would be more of course.

However with the purchase of Davies and perhaps the departure of Rose as a result, then maybe Naughton still has a role to play while Fryers develops.

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