McCarthy, Friedel, Eto'o, Valbuena, Falqué

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Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 35 here is a quick delve into some related articles to today's news that you may have missed.

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Incredible some fans are asking how long you should give a new manager when we have just appointed a new manager, subconsciously they are already pushing him out through the door and expecting failure whatever they tell you.

Man City want £7m for Micah Richards, should we take him or try for a loan move, whcih Richards himself wants if nobody will pay the asking price.

Brad Friedel reveals the players will be sitting down with videos of the Seattle Sounders game to see what areas they can improve upon.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 35, recent news which concerns James McCarthy, Brad Friedel, Samuel Eto'o, Mathieu Valbuena and Iago Falqué.

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The latest garbage doing the rounds is that Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly readying bids to sign James McCarthy from Everton. An 'epic battle' for him apparently.

The Merseysiders value him at £25 million (€44.18m). Oh really, we refused to pay £10 million (€12.62m) for him from Wigan so there is no chance of paying £25 million (€31.56m) for, let's face it, an average player. He cost Everton £13 million (€16.41m) a year ago and has simply continued at the same level of football in a different team, he's certainly not worth £25 million (€31.56m), but then Luke Shaw isn't worth £30 million (€37.87m) either.

The Express tell us their will be 'an all out assault' for him. Who wrote such crap, their war correspondent on a job swap day? His pass success rate was a poor 46%, some 20% lower than it should be and when you consider he is a link midfielder, that simply isn't good enough.

Man Utd are prepared to offer England international Tom Cleverley in part-exchange, I bet they are. If green shield stamps were still going strong you could buy Cleverley with a few books of those.

Cleverley is arguable the most over rated player in the Premier League, he does nothing and is nowhere near the standard of player United need or are going after. Throw in a free box of Daz and you might get someone interested in him, but is Everton think McCarthy is worth £25 million (€31.56m) you'll be trying to tell me Marouane Fellaini is worth £27.5 million (€34.71m) next!

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Pre-season tour No1 goalkeeper & US Ambassador Brad Friedel answers a quick question for us.

Q - What did Spurs get out of the game against Seattle Sounders?

A - "Well, I think the first 90 minutes, which is always good. I didn't see any injuries in the changing room after, which is always very good. This was the first time that we were able to try to adapt to our new manager's philosophy of play, both offensively and defensively with competition, so that's always a positive step.

"Now we can go and watch the films of it and we can improve on what he'll want to improve for the next game."

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More idiotic wild guesses that we may be interested in free agent Samuel Eto'o again and other reports that we have dropped our interest. What interest, we have never has an interest. He was on £17 million (€21.46m), has always gone and played football for money alone, went to Chelsea on £8 million (€10.1m) wages, which is £153,846 (€194,247) a week for a 33 year-old.

There are suggestions he may lower that to £60,000 (€75,756) a week, can't see that one myself. His agents have been touting him around the world and offered him to Tottenham, who have shown no interest in taking him at all.

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Jean-Pierre Bernese is the agent of Mathieu Valbuena and he has rejected claims the Olympique Marseille midfielder is moving to Dynamo Moscow. French paper L'Equipe claimed the player, who we have previously been linked with, had signed a deal with the Russians.

According to HITC Sport we are in 'desperate' need of a winger which is news to me considering we have a whole bunch. We would like to improve our left flank, we are not in 'desperate' need, big difference.

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Spanish media report that Real Betis are targeting Spurs winger Iago Falqué and want to take him on loan next season. The Segunda División side have made enquiries about the availability of the 24-year-old signed by Tottenham in 2012.

News outlet Estadio Deportivo report the relegated club want Falqué to help them bounce straight back into La Liga. He is unlikely to want to go to the Spanish second division though so the move looks unlikely.

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