Hugo Lloris Spurs No1

The desperate Daily Mirror with their Arsenal loving reporter have concocted an article that attempts to portray Hugo Lloris as having an uncertain future at Tottenham if we sign Michel Vorm.

Hugo Lloris Spurs No1

Lloris has of course just signed a new 5 year deal and is very happy and settled at White Hart Lane. He is French so the media have an obsession that he must want to play in the French league or move to a French club for the benefit of 6 Champions League matches.

Yet the word is that he left French football to play at a higher standard and 6 Champions League games a season doesn't constitute a higher standard, their being a whole league season of lower standard football.

“The murmurs that Spurs could be close to signing Michel Vorm have created a buzz around White Hart Lane"

Er, no it hasn't. Fans are well aware he is simply a number two, a Carlo Cudicini, the younger decent back up keeper the club needs. With Spurs playing more games than any other Premier League team last season, there are plenty of Cup games and Europa League games for him to feature in.

“For one, Vorm is a very good player, but also, what does it say about the future of Hugo Lloris? He signed a new long term deal only a few weeks ago."

Absolutely nothing. Brad Friedel is 43 so the club needs a decent understudy for Lloris should he suffer an injury, like the one at Everton for instance. If he is that good a player why have Swansea bought a keeper to replace him?

“Vorm is a player who should be playing regular first team football in his own right next season, why would he choose to go to a club where he would sit on the bench every week?"

He was going to be sitting on the bench at Swansea, for 10 Premier League games he wasn't even in the squad. He has been poor for two years for whatever reason according to some Swansea fans and needs a change it seems. Players go to clubs all the time to sit on a bench when they are getting a salary increase.

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Steve Sidwell went to Chelsea without a hope of getting near the first team for triple his previous wages. Players go to Manchester City to sit on a bench all the time for more money. Vorm has the chance to spend the next few years earning more than he has before so it makes perfect sense to secure your future.

Heurelho Gomes could have left but chose a bench, why? Wages. Carlo Cudicini stayed on the bench.

“It raises questions whether Lloris will be at the club beyond next season, particularly if they fail to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champion’s League. Will Vorm’s arrival pave the way for that to happen?”

It doesn't raise any questions, it may to an Arsenal fan who wants to see a conspiracy everywhere. Perhaps the words of Michel Vorm himself will help the Daily Mirror understand football a little better.

"Every top club has two top goalkeepers in their squad. t suits the club's philosophy that there is broad selection [of players]. Especially when we see that Tottenham is active in a lot of competitions."

I guess Vorm is not a Daily Mirror reader.

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