Danny Rose may leave Spurs

Danny Rose wants first team football, he doesn't want to be challenging for a position. Tottenham Hotspur are signing Ben Davies pushing Rose nearer the exit.

Danny Rose may leave Spurs

For the 2012/13 season Rose was at loan at Sunderland and wanted to stay, he didn't want to return to Spurs and sit in a bench. As it was we failed to sign a left-back and Rose had a year to prove himself as the first choice left-back. He didn't.

The same positional problems he had at Sunderland were still there. When we were defensive under Andre Villas-Boas and he had help from left midfield he was fine, when we attacked more and he had less help from left midfield he struggled.

I don't mind a player who wants to play football but there is something mentally wrong if you are not prepared to fight for a place. If you want guaranteed first team football you are not a winner, you're a loser. You are subconsciously saying I don't think I'm good enough, which is totally the wrong mindset. Essentially he wants things handed to him on a plate and to be a top professional footballer you have to have a little more steel about you than that.

The former England U17, U19 and U21 player, who represented Great Britain at the London Olympics, is unhappy at Tottenham signing a left-back apparently and will want to leave should an decent offer come in. Steve Bruce wants yet another Spurs player at Hull City. He already has Jake Livermore and Tom Huddlestone, he needs Michael Dawson to get a pay-off from Tottenham for him to sign the centre-half and now he wants £6 million (€7.57m) rated Danny Rose.

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If we can squeeze £6 million (€7.57m) out of someone for him I'd bite their hands off. He needs a lot of work and will be a decent Premier League player in time but he is impatient. He is rash in his challenges and a bit of a hot head. We saw that against Fulham where he had an argument with former goalkeeping coach Tony Parkes on the side of the pitch.

Clearly he didn't like being told he was in the wrong or couldn't see it, either way it suggests taking on advice to improve his game can be an issue. I expect we will be seeing Danny Rose stories start to emerge after Ben Davies is announced.

That leaves Spurs with their fall back guy Benoit Assou-Ekotto. Everything has been quiet around him, having been at the World Cup with Cameroon he has had a break so is not part of the pre-season USA and Canada tour. Last season he was on loan at QPR and not very good by all accounts, even Harry Redknapp was disappointed in him.

Assou-Ekoto has one year left on his contract so can leave on a free next summer if he stays. With Ben Davies coming in to undoubtedly be first choice left-back, the future of Danny Rose will determine the future of Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

If Rose accepts a new improved contract the Assou-Ekotto will be put up for sale and a cheap deal will be made, if Rose refuses a new contract and wants to go to a smaller club to play football then Assou-Ekotto may well stay for the final year of his contract as cover and get his share of games. The only other option would be to sign another left-back or rely on Fryers and Naughton, neither of which at this time are ideal solutions.

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