Pochettino announcement soon

The word from the In The Know guys is that Daniel Levy met Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday 13th May and the job is his if the inside word is correct.

Pochettino announcement soon

The daily papers have talked about Spurs having to pay £2 million compensation which I'm led to believe is being finalised and our assistance that he speaks English in press conferences, which he can do.  At the moment he simply chooses to use a translator.

His salary will be £3 million a year and his coaching staff will come with him, assistant manager Jesus Perez, coach Miguel D'Agostino and goalkeeping coach Toni Jiminez.

Quite where that leaves Steffen Freund is unclear, I have long thought he would end up as Head of Player Development overseeing the youth development. Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey will be leaving the club possibly joining Tim Sherwood in his next appointment. Presumably that means either a reduced role for Tony Parks or he'll be leaving the club as well.

Pochettino would be a rather under whelming appointment but he's the man Joe Lewis wants so he is the man we have gone after. I'd rather have Frank de Boer myself, a proven winner, the appointment of Pochettino doesn't raise any excitement or expectation at all.

Louis Van Gaal was a proven winner and we have gone from there to a man who hasn't won a thing. What is the criteria for appointing a manager, you can't have different criteria for different managers. It makes a mockery of going after Van Gaal, he and Pochettino are chalk and cheese.

If we have these three candidates, Pochettino, De Boer and Benitez, shouldn't we interview them all instead and pick the one we feel matches us best instead of making the decision who it should be before we talk to any of them? Maybe that's where we are going wrong.

Southampton have a wage ceiling so can't attract the players to climb the table any higher, they are now looking to consolidate which does not fit with  Pochettino's ambition. As with so many managers he wants to push on but finances rule football these days so that means moving to a club that has an income that can compete higher up the table. He has apparently set his sights on coming to Tottenham.

The players at Southampton like working with him so there is a real possibility of poaching from them with the higher wages we can offer.

Adam Lallana will be leaving with Liverpool wanting to pay £20 million for him and Manchester United interested. However Pochettino coming to Spurs adds the possibility of Lallana joining him, which has Liverpool worried. The Argentinian has apparently told him not to sign anything yet.

There will be more purchases than were going to be expected at Spurs this summer with a lot of disillusioned players on our hands. The image they were sold of Tottenham's ambition is not what they have found and this season has been a total disaster.

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How many players we will actually be able to keep hold of is unclear, the new Head Coach will have discussions with them but at the moment Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen both want to leave but there is also a whisper Vertonghen would stay if Frank de Boer is appointed.

Etienne Capoue would be happy to leave and nearly joined Napoli in January, they are expected to come in for him again. Emmanuel Adebayor will go if someone matches his wages after his successful spell so he might end up at Monaco.

Atletico Madrid will stump up £20 million to buy Roberto Soldado but don't want to pay any more, Younes Kaboul hasn't done anything to warrant a contract extension so if we want any money for him he'll be gone this summer.

On the bright side Sandro is likely to stay now Sherwood has gone, otherwise he was off as well and Erik Lamela might feel better with a fellow countryman in charge.

During this window, which opens on June 9th in the Premier League and July 1st in Spain, France, Italy and Germany, we look like we'll be needing a goalkeeper, two centre-backs and a striker for starters.

Now I must stress once again the Pochettino news comes from the ITK boys but I'm still hoping that this week sees us interviewing the Argentinian and next week we interview Frank de Boer next week after he returns from the Ajax end of season tour to Indonesia tomorrow.

There is a piece of ITK that says that is going to happen but the Pochettino news does sound very solid and the fact that he is Joe Lewis's choice only adds weight to that.

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  1. Lets not forget that Brendan Rodgers had won anything of significance and has done fantastic at Liverpool

  2. De boer has no pl experience. That HAS to be significant. Success with by far the best team in Holland doesn't necessarily translate to success here. It's a big gamble. That being said, Benitez would be the most sensible choice. A proven winner with lots of pl experience. That is, if he wishes to leave Napoli.

  3. No no no please not poch no no no fucking loser no no no