Player Exodus

If Tim Sherwood has stayed at Tottenham it would have been a summer of massive upheaval, there would have been a player exodus from White Hart Lane.

Player Exodus

Early in the season Andre Villas-Boas lost the dressing room and after a couple of months Tim Sherwood had lost it to. The Spurs dressing room has not been the happiest of places this season and that has shown on the pitch with a host of poor performances.

One unhappy man gained a new lease of life under Sherwood, striker Emmanuel Adebayor. The temperamental Ade had completely fallen out with AVB having had a bust up on the training ground over tactics. He wasn't the only one either, Benoit Assou-Ekotto got frozen out and Aaron Lennon had words as well.

Daniel Levy ordered Villas-Boas to use Adebayor and he refused which you don't do to our chairman. When Sherwood was appointed he immediately put Adebayor in the team and we all know what happened then, Ade carried us.

"Tim Sherwood today, for me, has become like a brother. I told him after the final game, straightforward, 'Listen, you have my support'.

"He has done a great job this year for Tottenham. Where we were before he took the job we were in very, very bad shape."

Adebayor feels Sherwood will need to tone down his criticism and learn how to get his point across in a more gentle fashion which will be easier to do at his next club with the security of a longer contract. He'll be able to relax a little and learn the ropes.

"With Tim Sherwood, he is too young. He is still young and still learning. He has that energy and that charisma - OK we all had to know he was a true guy and he said what he thinks. That is the difference between Harry Redknapp and Tim Sherwood.

"Harry Redknapp, even if you were doing something wrong, would find a way to tell you nicely, 'You know, that ball, you could have passed here'.

"Whereas Tim Sherwood is not like that. He will tell you in a straight manner: 'What are you doing?!"

That manner upset the dressing room which was a very very unhappy place. If Sherwood stayed then there would have been an exodus of players so even if it hadn't been the plan all along, he would have had to go anyway, the same way AVB had to go.

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