Matt Le Tissier - Pochettino should have waited for the easy option

Former Saints forward Matt Le Tissier thinks Mauricio Pochettino should have waited for a better role citing the pressure he will be under.

Matt Le Tissier - Pochettino should have waited for the easy option

One club man Le Tissier who was very talented but never fully developed the talent he had again showed the traits that held him back by suggesting Pochettino shouldn't test himself in a pressure situation.

"I probably wouldn't have made the same move, to be honest. I think in his position, his stock is very high. I would have maybe would have waited for a different club.

"The managers in the last few years at Spurs have not been given a fair crack of the whip and the pressure is on there.

"If he is not in the top four by Christmas, he will be under pressure. It is not a club that I would have said was the best one he could have maybe done for his career prospects."

Expectations at Southampton and Tottenham are miles apart. Money talks in football and without income it is extremely difficult to consistently challenge at the top of the table. As Spurs fans know only to well, the difference between aiming for top 6 and top 4 is enormous.

Tottenham have the 6th largest income in the Premier League and thus expectation from club and fans is Champions League football, nothing less will do.

Mauricio Pochettino should be applauded for wanting to test himself at a bigger club. He has a golden opportunity. Daniel Levy backs his managers and has been seeking a long-term appointment. If Pochettino can prove himself up to he task then he has the chance to build a trophy winning squad.

Some managers can't handle the expectation and there is no point hanging on to a manager who can't. Show progress and he'll get the time others haven't had, but the image of a chairman with knee jerk reactions is not entirely accurate in today's football. Chelsea for instance have had 10 managers, West ham, Villa, Newcastle all have a similar turn around.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger were and are the exception to the rule and they started when managers were given time, if they were starting their careers now they wouldn't be. We live in a world where everyone wants everything now and football merely mirrors society in that respect.

We replaced the class society with a materialistic society. Now it's not what class you are but what you can buy. It's all show, all fake, buy it now pay later approach. New chairman coming in have the same approach. I spent xyz where is my return, don't provide it you're out the door.

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Tony Pulis showed at Crystal Palace that you can make a difference in a small space of time, he won Manager of the Year. That buys you time. Spurs is a different scale, get top 4 and Pochettino will have bought himself time, time to develop a squad, time to develop the youth, time to develop the club.

That opportunity is in his grasp. It's not a job for the faint hearted or those like Le Tissier who look why someone shouldn't do something as opposed to why they should do something.

We are back to mentality again, one is a losing mentality, one is a winning mentality. Congratulations Mauricio for showing you have the required winning mentality to grasp the chance when it became available.

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  1. Lol typical deluded spuds fan. 6th highest revenue means champs league is expected. 4th place will buy poch time, like it did Harry!! You're the most fickle fans in the league and you must know your place, usually out of the top 4. The question is will Poch be in the job after Xmas?

  2. Well we all know he will be it's you jealous Saints fans who are having trouble grasping that a manager and or a player should push themselves to be the best they can be, it's what winners do.

    Set your bar low and you'll achieve nothing so yes we should have a minimum of Champions League as our target.

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