Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spurs don't want Moyes

Who in their right mind would want David Moyes at Tottenham? Reports are rife that he will be sacked today, he turned up at the training ground at 5am, that sounds like a goodbye meeting.

Spurs don't want Moyes

He hit his ceiling at Everton where he had a settled team which did well when they didn't get injuries. There is no great record of buying young and improving, which is what we require a manager to do and when given star player at Manchester Uniter showed he couldn't handle them.

Ferdinand, Van Persie, Welbeck, Anderson, Zaha and Hernandez have all criticised the Scot. Rumours have been rife that he has fallen out with the players and Aderson revealed the United players wanted out.

David Moyes is another Alan Curbishley. He had something but though the grass was greener, left and flopped. Curbishley has hardly ever been seen since, it ruined his Premier League management career.

To be fair to them that is the right attitude, they could have stayed in their comfort zones but chose to test themselves, it doesn't always work if the burning desire isn't there to improve yourself. If you move on and just expect to do what you have always done then there is no point moving in the first place.

Obviously Moyes could not refuse the Manchester United job, nobody would, but do we want a failure when push came to shove? Where is his conveyor belt of young talent, Rooney and Barkley, is that it?

There have been others I know but who is still there, who is in the team? He is a manager that wants total control which is not what Daniel Levy wants to give, we have a technical director and a transfer committee. His purchases at Man United haven't exactly set the world alight have they, Fellani can't hack it there and hardly ever plays.

That tells me he is not mentally a winner but someone happy in his comfort zone, we don't want players in a comfort zone, we need players with that winning mentality that makes the difference between a talented but inconsistent player and a consistent talented player who wins trophies.

No, David Moyes is not the right man for Tottenham, that would be accepting mediocrity.

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  1. Well said. Especially the last paragraph.

    We have talented managers but no winning mentality ATM. Although most of our players been winning titles in the previous clubs, but somehow they lost that belief when they joined spurs.

    Need need a manager that can instill that belief back into our players and also our medical team or training session are poor. All our players get severely injured each year and takes forever to recover.

    Look at Liverpool's amazing medical staff, their players rarely been injured thus enabling challenge for the title.

    Whereas spurs should be the one in Liverpool's position with the money they spent, yet we're struggling to keep clean sheets and score goals...