Sunday, 20 April 2014

Part 3 - Players should learn from Harry Kane

Spurs Need To Go Mental - Part 3

Harry Kane came out after the game and backed up comments I have been making all season, when you get the chance you have to take it.

Players should learn from Harry Kane

Not for Kane the lame excuse I haven't been given a run of games, I haven't been given a chance. No for him the same as for Nabil Bentaleb he too was given a chance and grabbed it with a performance that said I belong here.

In total this season Kane has featured 28 times. He has played 8 U21 Premier League games, 2 coming on as a sub,  scoring 8 goals with 6 assists.

He has played 3 UEFA U21 European Qualification games for England scoring 3 goals in just 128 minutes. He has played 33 minutes of a friendly, has played 2 League Cup games, once being substituted off and once coming on scoring 1 goal, 6 Europa League games, being brought on 6 times and taken off once.

In the Premier League he now has 7 games under his belt, being brought on 4 times and taken off once in which he has scored 3 goals and 1 assist.

In total that is 28 games, 15 goals, 7 assists, coming on as a sub 14 times and being taken off 5 times.

His 15 goals and 7 assists have come in 1,424 minutes of football which equates to 15.82 full games.

He has played 292 minutes in the Premier League which equates to 3.24 full games for his 3 goals.

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When you are picked you should perform, you have no divine right to a place in the side and if you don't perform why should you be picked again when there is someone else happy to take his chance.

It all comes back to this mental attitude and do you have the attitude of a winner or do you expect the manager to pander to you, give you a long run to the detriment of the side just so you can have a run and find some form.

Your form comes from your mind, if you are not mentally motivated you won't perform, Bentaleb and Kane have been motivated whereas Townsend has done nothing when he has been given a game.

“It has been great to get the chance to get the goals,” Kane said.

“I obviously have three in three now and hopefully get more between now and the end of the season. Tim has given me the chance and at this level you’ve got to take it.

"You’ve got to take your chance every game and I have been able to do that so far to keep my place in the team. There is competition at every level and you have to perform at a high standard.”

It's good to hear a player with the right attitude and a young one at that. The hard work Tim Sherwood has done at Youth Development level is staring to show dividends and he can not be praised highly enough for transforming us in that respect. He is simply the best we have had.


  1. Well done to kane , we all want to see him suceed , its abt the only thing tim got right, his comments on sandro was unjustified , a mngr should be promoting the moral of team and players , sandro is a qualified player, is tim a qualified mngr? The best thing for for levy to do , is show him the door NOW , his handling of players is doing more harm than good

  2. He got his comments on Sandro 100% right, it was Sandro who made comments not Tim Sherwood, he was merely asked a question at a press conference and answered it truthfully.

    Sandro is the one who should be spoken to for tweeting the comments in the first lace, he is the one doing more harm than good in this situation, he is the one in the wrong.

  3. I read somewhere that it was disgusting that Sherwood chose not to play Sandro,because he is a Spurs "favourite" the fact that he is a bit of a liabillity at the moment dosnt matter.Dont get me wrong I love Sandro but hes been well below his normal standards lately.I actually think Sherwood is doing things right,cue abuse.COYS

  4. No abuse Spurgatso you are spot on, we all love Sandro but he just has not been Sandro when he has played.