Sherwood's Future Assured

I don't usually agree with former Liverpool centre-back Mark Lawrenson, he always seems to think Spurs are going to lose and he smacks of having a bias against the club for some reason.

However he has written an article in the Daily Mirror that hits the nail on the head, even if he is only catching up with what half of Spurs fans knew as soon as Tim Sherwood was appointed. Tim Sherwood will not be Tottenham manager next season.
Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy
Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy

“Spurs chairman Daniel Levy will be painted as the bad guy, just as he was when Harry Redknapp got the sack. But the decision won’t be his" writes Lawrenson.

“It will be that of owner Joe Lewis whether Sherwood gets Tottenham into the top four – against the odds – or not. I can just see Joe saying: “We need a top experienced manager to get us over the line and into the Champions League.”

“He has had a taste of the top competition under Harry and wants more. That’s why he won’t want to gamble again next season. He has the money to pay for a top-line manager and with the likes of Rafa Benitez (who I think would be a good choice) and Louis van Gaal in the frame I can see movement at White Hart Lane.”

He is absolutely right. Tim Sherwood was from the outset an interim manager in all but name. There was very little logic in keeping him in the role beyond the end of the season regardless of results.

You can't play Champions League or expect to get into the Champions League if you have a trainee running the show. Countless ex-football players have shown they don't make decent managers so you see them doing pundit work instead.

Louis Van Gaal was spoken to at length by Daniel Levy before Sherwood was appointed and Cesare Prandelli was sounded out by Franco Baldini. After Frank de Boer ruled himself out these two were the candidates wanted at Spurs.

Neither would obviously take on the role ahead of a World Cup in the summer so a temporary appointment had to be made. With the experience of Rafa Benitez at Chelsea fresh in the mind, Spurs simply put up a smokescreen by giving Sherwood an 18 month contract.

Sherwood himself would have been well aware of the situation, well aware Spurs want Van Gaal and that unless Manchester United come knocking he will be coming to Spurs. Tim can do his best and if everything went tremendously for him there would be an outside chance he could stay in the job.

Daniel Levy will not want to lose someone who has such a passion for Spurs to win and who has demonstrated he can develop talent. It seemed sensible that Sherwood would become the Number 2 and learn from Van Gaal but he has ruled that role out.

Sherwood himself will not want to take a step down, he won't want to return to youth development and has already spoken how the recruitment at Spurs needs an overhaul after Andre Villas-Boas signed a group of average players who have all struggled to one degree or another.

Tim Sherwood has a future at Spurs
Tim Sherwood has a future at Spurs

While Sherwood agreed that the manager should still retain the yes or no vote over a signing, far more work needed to be done to obtain not just the right players but those with the right attitude as well. Being paid a lot of money enables some players to take it easy and just collect a fat cheque, that type of player will win you nothing.

Spurs need to single out winners, those players with a drive, the drive that Nabil Bentaleb shows. That rubs off on other players and the more you have with his attitude the better your team will be. If you have to many players with the attitude of keep me sweet and I'll play well leads to trouble. Players who sulk when they are not in the team are of no use, players who then work their socks off in training to say to the manager you should be picking me are the players that will improve a squad, improve a club.

Getting new signings right, especially those from abroad now who have grown up in different cultures, speak different languages and have not had to battle for a place in the team, is essential. That role needs a specialist to undertake player assessments.


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We have one of the best scouts in the game back so coupling him with someone who will then look at all the other factors that make a successful footballer seems the logical next step. It appears to be the logical next step for Tim Sherwood.

I wrote a while back that this experience had increased his standing within the club, I just don't see Daniel Levy saying thanks Tim you're sacked, on your way.

Sherwood has even mentioned a role will have to be found for him. That clearly indicates that right from the outset Daniel levy has told him that he has a future at Spurs whatever happens during his time as interim manager. Levy will know that means that he will have to promote him upstairs or at least find him a role that is senior to what he was doing before.

Head of Player Recruitment shouts loud and clear to me that that's where Tim Sherwood will be headed. he will then start to build a reputation for himself within Europe as a Technical Director type. Daniel Levy drives a hard bargain and it seems Tim Sherwood is built in a similar mold. He backs you into a corner to negotiate.

I can see him doing a very good job in the role. It would be behind the scenes away from supporters eyes, they will not know what he does, but then Spurs fans didn't seem to know what he did when he was in charge of player development.

Tim Sherwood and Ian Broomfield could form quite a team, would it be a dream team and will we get the chance to find out. We will have to wait and see on that one for now.

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  1. Good article. The only flaw in your suggested "dream team" is that Sherwood has widely stated that even if he doesn't stay on as Spurs head coach, he wants to carry on in a managerial capacity, so that kind of throws out any notions of a Director of Player Recruitment role...Acton_Spur

  2. Sherwood didn't say he wanted to carry on in a managerial capacity at all. He said he wants to stay as Spurs manager yes, you wouldn't expect him to say anything else, he said he wouldn't do the number 2 role but he also said a 'suitable role' would need to be found for him.

    He has not stated he wants to go to another club and manage at all.