Can Spurs afford £36,500 for Daniao

Tottenham's number one striker target, Leandro Damiao, has been offered just £36,500 a week wages by Napoli to replace the departing Edinson Canani.

Corriere dello Sport report that Damiao has been offered a 5 year deal by the Italian club, with a salary of £1.9 million (€2.21 million) a season, which equates to just £36,500 (€42,395) a week, well within Spurs wage structure.

The fee agreed between Brazilian side Internacional and Napoli, is said to be £18 million (€20.91 million).

"We have been in talks with Internacional before, for quite some time. Last summer, also. It hasn't been possible so I think it's finished" were AVB's words in January, which hardly any Spurs fans believed and sure enough we tried again this window.

Supposedly we had walked away, but do you ever walk away from your number one target if there is still a chance of signing them.

The cat and mouse game with Internacional looked set to run into August, when Daniel Levy is expected to go in late to try and secure the player for a fee more to Spurs valuation. Are Napoli forcing his hand somewhat now though?

Does Levy sit back and hope nothing can be agreed with Napoli or is Champions League the important factor here. Should Daniel Levy let the players representatives know Spurs will pay £50-60,000 
(€58-69,673 ) a week, or do they already know that, we don't know, but surely we have offered more than £36,500 (€42,395) wages.

Will Damiao take a lower wage to play in the Champions League, is that what's important to him, or does he tell Internacional I want to join Tottenham, sort a fee out.

David Villa has gone to Athletico Madrid for a small fee, is it now to be Leandro Damiao to Napoli for small wages? Our two main summer targets playing elsewhere.

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