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Saturday, 19 May 2018

David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman

David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman

I see many Tweets like this and it reminds me that David Moyes did unquestionably a good job at Everton. What he needs is a club with a long-term plan, a club that will allow him to build it into a mid-table Premier League side and take it from there. That may well be a 10-year plan if it is a club coming from the Championship.

He has shown he can build a side with a limited budget so a brave chairman needs to appoint him and let him know he is going to be there for 5-years, if the club are heading in the right direction, and that may mean going backwards before they can go forward.

Daniel Levy had a vision and has built Tottenham into a top 4 side while our rivals when he joined us are nowhere to be seen, some are not even in the Premier League anymore. West Ham have made a mess of their move which puts into perspective the job Daniel levy has done.

A manager like David Moyes needs a chairman with the vision and determination of Daniel Levy because we have seen that he is going to struggle with short term, must have an immediate impact now, type appointments. The trouble is,financially, the Premier League is the be all and end all of football in this country.

Much derided, but his stint at Everton shows in the right circumstances with the right chairman, he can do a decent job.



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