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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Foreign fans more important than season ticket holders?

Foreign Fans More Important Than Season Ticket Holders?

Are foreign fans more important than season ticket holders?

For the first time in nearly 2 years I dipped into Spurs Community.

I dipped into a thread about Spurs support abroad and how we were perceived. A few possible reasons given and reasons for an improvement in our perception.

Nobody seem to flat out give the reason though, which is that we are in the UEFA Champions League. For international exposure it is the be all and end all of football.

There were figures produced in the USA that showed a direct correlation between playing UEFA Champions League football and Google searches.

The UEFA Champions League has a vast worldwide audience, the UEFA Europa League isn't so high profile by a long way. To increase commercial revenue and thus pay the higher wages, we have to be in the UEFA Champions League permanently. We look as though we are going to be there for a third straight season, great, but we need 10+ seasons probably so there is still plenty of work to do.

Spurs fans complained about Arsenal feeling qualifying was like winning a Cup, well they were getting the exposure we weren't, they were getting the commercial revenue we weren't, they could therefore afford the wages we couldn't. That is something we have to turn completely around.

It is important for us that they do not win the UEFA Europa League and get into the UEFA Champions League through the back door. I'm cheering on Atletico Madrid or RB Leipzig. The longer Arsenal stay out of the UEFA Champions League the more it will affect the players they can attract and the commercial income they can generate, that has a lasting affect and makes a Top 4 finish a little bit easier in years to come.

The UEFA Champions League instead increases our profile, increases awareness of us abroad, increases our foreign fan base and that is all of interest to our current and future commercial sponsors enabling us to negotiate more and bigger sponsorship deals. Man U for instance earn nearly 4 times the commercial revenue we do.

Foreign fans are just as important, indeed arguably more important commercially to Spurs than fans who attend games. The commercial revenue we generate isn't aimed at the season ticket holder, it's aimed at everyone else.

The NFL and potential for exposure into the American market directly through TV screens into their own homes on the back of their national sport, American Football, carries huge potential.


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