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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Six of the best, new stadium, coaching, Trippier, NFL...

Six of the best, New Stadium, Coaching, Trippier, NFL...


Six excellent articles well worth a read covering the life of a coach, English players now developing in the Bundesliga, a couple of articles on the new Spurs stadium and one on our tie-up with the NFL, with an article about Kieran Trippier to finish.

Good Reading

A couple of articles to start on coaching, Germany used to develop players who would then come to England, but now there seems to be a trend developing where English players are going abroad to develop their game. It is a welcome trend.

English Players Now Developing in Germany

Inside The Life Of A Coach

For those who read everything on our new stadium, and ahead of our Juventus game, an article from last summer about an Italian company helping the new Spurs stadium build.

Redaelli - Roof, Skywalk and Hanging Restaurant

Another article on the stadium worth a read, especially to those concerned we don't pay the same basic wage as the other top clubs.

Matchday revenue rises from £11m to £50m in the first year

Again on the new Spurs stadium an article about the tie-up with the NFL.

Made for Sharing

An excellent article which is essentially a chat with Kieran Trippier about his poor game against Manchester City, working on the mistakes he made that day and rebuilding his confidence.

ESPN Article: Kieran Trippier


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