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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Unnoticed Dele Alli contribution

Dele Alli contributes more to Spurs than people realise

Unnoticed-Dele-Alli -contribution
Dele Alli contribution often goes unnoticed

Mauricio Pochettino calls Dele Alli the best 21-year-old player in the world and yet a ill-informed section of Spurs fans who don't see him scoring every week or don't see a pass come off suggest he isn't playing well.

"Tell me one better than him, a 21-year-old, with all that he achieves. Tell me one. Now. A current player. Maybe you can find similar, but better than him?"

2017/18 10 goals 16 assists (one every 122 mins)
2016/17 22 goals 13 assists (115 mins)
2015/16 10 goals 11 assists (153 mins)

You have to look at the whole contribution a player makes.Can they play better, of course they can, every player can play better no matter how well they are playing.

If you look at the statistics that show a contribution he has made to a goal per minute of playing time, you can see he isn't far off last season at all, then he was a superstar.

122 minutes as opposed to 115 minutes.

It does rather show that fans forget, or don't notice his assists, equally as important as goals. It doesn't matter who scores, just as long as someone does and he has 3 more assists this season, with games still to go, than he did in the whole of last season.


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  1. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I've
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    hoping you write again very soon!

    1. Join the club my friend. A great and well-informed blogger.

      There's a lot of rubbish talked about Dele from all sorts of areas. How he dives; how he's always looking to cause trouble with other teams; etc. Most people seem to be unable to exercise any critical thinking and simply assume if the 'experts' are saying it then it must be true.

      OTOH if you examine what they say every time instead of just believing everything then you'll soon see that the reality is often very different from that which is presented.

      Look at the diving accusations. Many of them are only levelled at him because they expect it to be the case, and so anything that looks as if it even might be a dive is quoted as further support for the 'fact' that he's a diver. I've looked at many of these personally and I have a fair amount of experience playing the game over many years. I won't deny there have been examples at which I've frankly cringed, yet far more have been simple misinterpretations of what's there. Misinterpretations that are either wilfully chosen or, mostly, because so few people actually have the courage to deal with what's actually in front of them instead of relying on what others have said and parrotting the majority view.

      Another reason I like this blog. Clive has that courage.

  2. The author has a really good understanding of spurs and provides us with positive background information we as fans we sometimes forget. Only wish you could provide more articles like you were a year ago. Coys

  3. If I have one criticism of Dele Alli this season it's his possession stats (-205) which have pushed his overall performance rank down to 48th on Squawka (Eriksen & Sonny are in the top 10).
    Otherwise I'm in complete agreement as to his value to the team.
    We have an excellent freewheelin', free scoring trio of ATMFs and now Lamela is back & Moura has arrived the potential is even more exciting...7 goals in two games since HK was injured which makes me wonder if we have been guilty of trying to ' play him in' on too many occasions...hmmmm.


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