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Monday, 19 February 2018

The same old problems persist

Spurs show Rochdale a lack of respect

A decent draw for us, Sheffield Wednesday or Swansea City away. Get through the Rochdale tie and we would then play at home, although we may have to use the away dressing room when we play at Wembley.

It may be our home this season but we don't automatically get the home dressing room and I'm sure our opponents would want us to use the unfamiliarity of the away dressing room rather than the familiarity of the home one. They will feel it may just unsettle us .Even something as minor as that is important to gain a slight advantage and take players out of their comfort zone.

We give the players the best facilities for a reason, so they have every little thing taken care of and can concentrate on their football in surroundings that make them comfortable.

I tweeted about the lack of desire from Danny Rose and as I was typing it Rochdale scored the opener. He seemed to me to be going through the motions, not having given Rochdale enough respect. It is easy to see why Ben Davies is currently the first choice, Rose needs to do more, consistently. It makes me wonder where his future lies and if he has half a mind on leaving in the summer.

There is a huge difference being up for a game and playing a game where you think you should win because you are the better side. You do your job, but you are not at the same intensity, you are not concentrating as you should. When that happens with just a few players it throws a system out of the window, especially a pressing system.

There are a few players who are mentally off the pace and their lack of game time really shows. Victor Wanyama was taking risks, Winks lost the ball that led to their first goal, our passing wasn't great, the players weren't on the same wavelength.

If we are to be a trophy winning team then we still need to add further quality and Moura made everyone take notice. He looked as if he had something about him, his vision and passing, allied to pace was a welcome sight. He certainly looks a step up from Clinton N'Jie or Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, neither of whom seemed to improve.

Our slow passing across the back was causing us problems again. When a team presses us and we continue to do it we get into trouble. Passing the ball at greater pace gives the man receiving the ball more time and our defenders like a bit of time on the ball to pick their pass.

The same old problems persist.


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  1. I do not wish to see Vorm play again...he cannot play out from the back...he retreats inside the six yard box when the ball is played back to him, forcing our CB's back at the same time...Jes H Chr, we were trying to play out from the goal line at times! Vorm, there is life outside the 6 yard box!!!
    Hopefully playing Toby on the left is simply to give Jan a break...he doesn't look that comfortable there.
    Sonny's first touch was abysmal...his brain is already anticipating beating his opponent...result...turnover (just getting in the mode for October).
    As for Llorente...just another CF having to play second fiddle and not getting sufficient game time (that's three in a row now), although I have to admit that Llorente is the worst of the bunch... still there is a silver lining...our choice of supporting CF can't get any worse, or can it! Maybe it's time to splash the cash and buy someone who can challenge HK for his place.
    Hopefully we will be able to land Sessegnon, Malcolm & cover for Jan in the summer which should solve our issues on that flank and Rose will be on his to MANU whose attitude and hairstyle reminds me of a previous LB!

  2. @Clive.
    You seem to be implying we'll play Swansea/Sheff W at Wembley (assuming we get past Roshdale at our next attempt).

    Unless I'm mistaken that would only be the case should we get to the semi-final stage. LMK if I have something wrong with my understanding.

    Wherever we play - it should be a more reliable surface than the last couple.

    1. Wasn't the intention to imply that, merely that we have a great chance with 2 games at Wenbley and now Man City are out of the Cup our chances have increased further. We have to get past Rochdale first though!

    2. I see. Thank you for the clarification.

      I'm actually quite sanguine about the benefits of playing more ties even though we don't appear to have taken advantage of the opportunities as I would have liked and expected.

      This goes to illustrate how much of a step up it is for those who aren't playing regularly and aren't into the groove, as it were. I believe each opportunity these players get helps them to understand how much is expected of them even, and especially, when they are not currently bedded into the team.

      It's never easy and these occasions where we play against lower league sides are a perfect opportunity to pit these players against players of lesser skill, but of a level of determination that is akin to desperation. Great experience in my view.

      As you say, now Man Shitty are out, there's no-one out there that we need to fear.


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