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Thursday, 21 September 2017

West ham game unimportant

West Ham game unimportant in the bigger picture

We thought we had signed 32-year-old (33 next February) Fernando Llorente but no it seems we went for the more experienced 70-year-old (71 nxt March) Harry Redknapp!

Better luck in the next round Harry.

Talking of the next round, some folk on Twitter have already started to call for our strongest team to be played against West Ham United, whom we have just drawn in the competition.

We must assess the games around them as to put all our eggs in one basket to win a trophy could set the club back years. We all know, whether we care to admit it or not, that Spurs need to increase income to be able to pay higher wages with stadium payments to make for years to come. Qualifying for the UEFA Champions League is essential to that, it brings in more commercial revenue, bigger commercial deals as the brand name grows and we are seen playing the best sides in Europe regularly.

To do that we have to qualify through the Premier League, yes I know there is another way. Failure to do so slows down the day that arrives, it delays it, probably by years. The League Cup tie against West Ham United is not more important than winning trophies regularly for years to come and the sooner that day arrives the happier we will all be.

We can not play our strongest team against the Hammers as the fixtures surrounding the game show, or are these people suggesting we rest Kane, Lloris, Alderweireld, Eriksen against Liverpool or Manchester United or even Real Madrid?


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  1. Was just thinking about what team we'd play and how some fans would react when i saw your piece. I'd guess the team would actually be weaker than last nights tbh as both Dele and Jan can only have played due to missing next CL games through suspension. Hopefully Wanyama wil be fit by then and can start alongside Winks but otherwise our focus has got to be on the bigger picture. Our fans have to understand (and some clearly do,while some will never..) that if you have a plan,a vision,a project, you don't just suddenly change that because the fans don't want to be beaten by a certain club and face some mocking on social media !!!! how typically modern. Personally i'd put out a weak team, have a handful of fans turn up and let West Ham gloat about beating a 3rd choice Spurs side if they manage to win, which will soon be forgotten by Spurs fans if we progress in the CL. Should a 3rd string Spurs team beat West Ham then that's just a massive bonus and the opportunities to mock them will be endless.

  2. play any team you like, your still going to lose. You don't know how to win at wembley and you never will!

    1. ... and how frequently to you beat Borrussia Dortmund at Wembley? Oh sorry. Forgot. Wet Spam; Wembley; Dortmund. Not really much crossover there is there ;-)

      Well, you're in a sort-of national stadium. That's got to mean something? Right?


  3. Would also add that as West Ham feel playing Spurs is akin to a CL final, perhaps fielding the likes of Winks, KWP and other youngsters who grew up in the area, might not be such a bad thing. I know when i watch Spurs v W.Ham games that Mark Noble seems to feel his life depends on these games. Wouldn't be a bad idea if some of our youngsters could raise their levels to produce similar performances (tbf they wouldn't have to raise their levels much to match Mark Nobles usual performances).

  4. It's not our Cup Final, we just don't like you.

    1. Aaaah. Sweet. Never mind. Perhaps if you survive another ten years you may start to challenge at some stage. Miracles happen you know.


  5. Real away lose
    Liverpool away lose
    West Ham away lose
    Man U away lose
    Real away lose

    5 games 0 wins for good old plucky spurs. Don’t worry boys we kept the pressure on

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Are these in your imagination, or just your deluded expectations?

      You'll notice that our recent performance in the Premiership, even this season where we've started slowly according to our standards, leaves us nearly as high up the top half as you are down the bottom half. Nearly, but not quite. To match that we'd have to have been out-performed by only three clubs - the number of clubs you've performed better than - even if one of those has the same points.

      Hardly statistics that would cause a sane person to be laughing and drawing attention to them. Never mind. You had an almost-decent club fifty years ago.


    2. So we are playing Real madrid away twice are we, what other competition is that in as I haven't seen the fixture list for that one, presumably it's another competition West Ham aren't in.

  6. No-one cares about Spurs... except this spanner plum who cares enough to create an account and post endearing little comments. Isn't it sweet.



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