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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The stupid Dean Saunders comment

Just like Tony Cascarino, failed manager Dean Saunders has to try and justify his employment as an expert so he came out with this pretty stupid comment last night.

"I was there for the Swansea Spurs game and I'll tell you what I was surprised at. I'm sure when I've played against Spurs over the years, they had like 30,000, 35,000 crowds. 
"There was 73,000 there. Now where have 35,000 Spurs fans come from all of a sudden? 50,000 went missing last night (vs Barnsley), 50,000 never went."

Now he is either stirring it because he has to say something and he'll get his name in the papers and presumably is hoping it will bring him more national work instead of being stuck doing things the majority of us never see or hear, or he has a screw loose.

As he well knows football has changed, if he doesn't know then he shouldn't be employed as a supposed expert. The League Cup in his day had greater meaning than it has today because of the importance of money now.

The financial rewards of UEFA Champions League football, the commercial rewards and thus the wages a team can pay, are determined by Premier League position. That therefore has to take priority, fans thus turn up to meaningful games.

With all due respect to Barnsley, who changed their own team for a game they deemed less important than the league, the game wasn't important. of course the club want to do their best in the competition and of course want to win it, and we'll celebrate if we do, but at this stage it is low priority.

If Dean saunders can't grasp something so simply then he needs to look for another job.


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  1. No need to rationalise why turnout for Tottenham v Barnsley was low when the various reasons for that were so obvious in the tight run of games at Wembley recently. As for Dean Saunders, on most football matters he is an uninteresting commentator, the dullest even on Talksport radio and that's saying something.

  2. "There was 73,000 there. Now where have 35,000 Spurs fans come from all of a sudden?"

    Well, Dean, considering White Hart Lane could hold just over 36,000, I'd imagine those extra 35,000 you speak of were always in existence. They just couldn't fit in the ground. Moron.

  3. The league cup in it's early stages is marginally more popular than the Johnsons paint trophy!

  4. Haha. He's a spanner. What about when White Hart Lane had a 52,000 capacity. There were many full houses before the all-seaters came in. That's only 35 years ago. Wasn't Dean Saunders playing then?

  5. What point is he trying to make exactly? There are too many Spurs fans? Not enough? Go back to sleep Dean.

  6. Dean Saunders why would anyone take any notice of a small part player and even smaller manager.
    As for coaching badges the nearest he has come to a badge was a Blue Peter Badge. Take no notice of this loser.

  7. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

    Dean Saunders just stated what he observed about the number of fans attending. He didn't say anything derogatory. I think his comments have been misinterpreted.

    Dean Saunders is an intelligent pundit, who often raises points that are different to other pundits, who are often dull and have less interesting things to say, in comparison.

    Most pundits are not suited to what they do and not worth relying on, for information.

    Terry Venables and Bobby Charlton were excellent to listen to, but since them, the quality level of pundits has reduced.

  8. I must admit I found the original comment rather amusing. Even more amused by some of the comments posted in response. Marvellous.


  9. Dean ... honestly, think before you speak. Or at least demonstrate you have a little historical knowledge of the game. 63000 on the waiting list for season tickets at Spurs. Before the enforced all seated diminished stadium as determined by the Taylor report, Tottenham were third behind Man U and Liverpool, in the all time average home attendance figures. It would be encouraging to hear Dean retract his erroneous and ill advised comment. Come on Dean... a little humility!

  10. What an utterly moronic comment to make. Yet, regarding the attendance, would it be fair to say that Poch didn't help ticket sales with his 'Where are Wigan?' comment? Whilst, it was never going to be a sell-out, openly saying the the UCL and PL (rightly so) take priority, might have led to a few absentees.

    1. I doubt there would be many expecting to see the full first team on a Carabao Cup outing. Especially not a first round tie. I see no reason to try putting the blame anywhere. It's simply what it is. I don't find it a surprise, so why would anyone look to explain why it turned out exactly as expected.



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