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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Spurs target booed by and Llorente to help Kane


You are never too old to learn or too young and even though Harry Kane has become a top striker he openly admits there is more he can learn and who better to learn from than an experienced World Cup winner.

"Fernando has been a fantastic addition. He’s a guy I can learn a lot from. He won the World Cup, Euros, Serie A and more. It’s a learning curve for me."

We have gone from an inexperienced striker we are trying to improve to an experienced striker who ca improve us. The youngsters will benefit from his experience just as the youngsters benefitted from having Rafael van der Vaart around.

In other news, Tottenham Hotspur summer target, André Gomes was booed by the Barcelona fans when the 24-year-old (25 next July) central midfielder came on as a 77th minute substitute against Espanyol (Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona, commonly known as RCD Espanyol or just Espanyol). Reports from Spain suggest constant booing is getting him down.

That is good new for Tottenham, the club they tried to offload him too to make way for Philippe Coutimho, who they eventually couldn't sign and thus pulled the plug on the Spurs deal. If Barcelona can secure another quality midfielder in the coming windows he could still end up at Spurs, although there will be plenty of suitors for his services.


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  1. I’m posting this now cos I know this a blog that will accept no criticism or opinion of our match performance which is why the majority of posts refer constantly to the transfer market and if believed, then we have more scouts etc then all the EPL teams combined!
    “Dembele out of his depth against this team and consequently Eriksen also.
    We have not managed to stop their MF build up.
    We are not winning those 50/50 balls in MF and that is where we have to break down their possession”.
    Those were my initial comments at the end of first half.
    Why on earth Dembele was not subbed at half time remains a mystery to me.
    Now, I’m not saying for one moment that Demblele is a bit player in our squad, against the meat pies from up North no problem but this evening, against a very fit squad of ball players!!!
    Poch still learning.

    1. I agree we struggled in the first half, and Dembele especially if I'm fair. I don't accept he was alone in that regard though and he certainly upped his game and was quite magnificent in parts. They were very strong opposition. There passing in the midfield was breathtaking at times. They struggled to get all the way through though, and in the second half we pushed a bit further forward and seemed to get more of our own passes to work through them.

      I think though, overall, we played at a very decent level considering the quality of the opposition. It looked dicey at times in the first half certainly. Nevertheless we won that half two-one. The second half we won one-nil and that was after some profligate finishing. We mustered their offensive play much better in that half I felt.

      At the end I was happy with Dembele's performance. Not perfect but very decent under great pressure.

      Not sure what else you expect from Poch. To pull off a three-one win in those circumstances, as well as all but nullifying their threat for the second half, I was very pleased.




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