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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Serge Aurier - Passionate madman


Serge Aurier gave the doom and gloom merchants a look at what Tottenham have replaced right-back Kyle Walker with and showed them a better footballer, perhaps now they will have more faith in our transfer policy, no I doubt it either.

He slotted in seamlessly on his Spurs debut, as if he had been playing there for seasons and it is to this calibre of player we are looking now, not just anybody to fuel fans obsession for a quick signing, any signing. Patience is a virtue.
Serge Aurier stats 100% take-ons completed 5 crosses 3 interceptions 2 tackles won 1 chance created

Just as Vlad Chiriches dazzled some with a flick over a defender, which the rest of us saw as a disaster waiting to happen, which it duly did, so Serge Aurier gave us a dummy inside our own penalty area. The difference was that the Dortmund player was far enough away for it not to be a risk, Chiriches was total risk.

Some fans thought he had slipped until they saw the replay, others thought it was madness. It took a cool head and an awareness of the situation around him.

He showed skill in tight areas, pace, but often not enough to get past his man and a better defensive awareness than the player he replaced, walker. Kieran Trippier, who will presumably play Saturday will now have to up his game to where it was at the back end of last season.

He celebrated Karry Kane's goal with passion and is sure to become a fans favourite.


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  1. Yep, an impressive debut and clearly a player who has confidence in his own abilities.
    Hopefully our coaching team will be able to add some speed to his game.
    Looks like he works out a lot (weights) which, unless it's accompanied with specific speed training and stretching exercises, will tend to slow an athlete.

  2. I felt he committed himself to a threatening player too early sometimes. Otherwise fantastic debut. Even the committing was probably done with a trust in Toby being behind to keep things safe. They certainly made anything of times when the got past him.

    Very pleased with him. A great new addition.




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