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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Ossie has faith in Foyth

Juan Foyth out to make it at Spurs

A word from one Argntinian Spurs legend, Ossie Ardiles, Tweeting about another Argentinian making his way in the game and now looking to make a name for himself at Spurs too, 19-year-old (20 next January) centre-back Juan Foyth.

A word about Juan Foyth: Particularly delighted. A defender that "Can play". Very acomplished with the ball. Big big future. COYS

Spurs fans mustn't expect too much too soon from him as his first task is to settle in the country, with a new language and a new culture. It isn't always easy and becomes even more difficult if the language barrier isn't overcome. I have no idea whether he speaks English, but if not, he'll have to learn or he'll always feel on the outside and that isn't good for his happiness and therefore his football.

Erik Lamela struggled when he came to this country and it was clear he wanted to go back to Italy. We don't want a situation like that where a player is homesick. South Americans know though that if they want to make good money then they have to come to Europe where the game is richer so plenty have trodden the path he is now taking, they don't usually come to England though.

How many 19-year-old  South American youngsters can you name who have come over and succeeded in the Premier League?

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  1. Sounds like he'll fit in nicely. Wasn't Chiriches bought as "defender who can play"? I definitely get the impression that there has been a change this summer with Poch pulling the strings and Levy finally getting the message. Long may it continue.

  2. Really? Poch finally pulling the strings? I don't think so... it has always been a team effort from identification of players to sign to the actual pursuit of the players to the actual signing... I'm sure signing players is a lot more complex than simply listening to what Poch wants and Levy getting out the cheque book...

  3. Chiriches was bought with that in mind, yes. He was that type of player to give him his due. Unfortunately in the pace of the English game he was often too slow or over-confident of his abilities. That's one of the problems of such players. Really handy to have going forward but once the opposition has intelligent forwards who can tackle they can target such players. Chiriches didn't handle that side well. Let's hope Foyth learns to deal with the risks better from the start. That may be one of the reasons why he's to be protected for a while before becoming a regular in the first team.


  4. Boys lets get positive. It doesn't mater who is incharge so long as together they get the right people in. I do not think for 1 moment Poch would except a plaer without his stamp of approval. Vice versa Danny boy would not put his money up without knowing his manager wanted to work with a player.
    And for the record Sanchez looks like a still at 38 mill !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reminds me of a young Lud , whom I saw 2 make his debut at 17 at left back.

  5. I think things are looking very good ATM Steve.

    What's funny is that I believe most of our best buys have been those that are for youngsters that have been bought for the future. When we look back in later seasons it's they that will be the ones we're most interested in. Juan Foyth will have very little impact this season but if he becomes the core of our defense in a few years time that will be brilliant and foresighted management. Looking further forward than the current time is something we're doing well here at Spurs and can give us a big advantage going forward.


    1. es agree totally Ade , sorry for the miss spellings above but the wine from after dinner was kicking in and the joy that comes from a Spurs win.
      Great weekend COYS x

    2. LOL. Priceless! I did wonder if Lud was a name or just "lad".

      May you have many more occasions where you struggle to make a fully coherent reply :-D




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