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Saturday, 16 September 2017

More praise for signing Sanchez

Glenn Hoddle has spoken to talkSPORT and told them he is hegely impressed with new signing Davinson Sanchez.

I wrote during the week about he being a defender in the centre that allows our ball playing defenders Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vetonghen more time on the ball to pick a pass. They topped our passing stats against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley in our opening UEFA Champions League Group H victory.

It seems Spurs legend Hoddle sees it the same way.

"Sanchez is an out-and-out defender. [Toby] Alderweireld and [Jan] Vertonghen are wonderful defenders but also they are wonderful players on the ball. They use the ball, pick people off and come out with the ball. 
"Sanchez is not going to particularly be like that but if they play that three at the back you can see that being a really nice balance. He just wants to defend and he is quick and aggressive. I think he is a really good signing."

He looks a strong defender physically and he is only 21, which, if he stays at Spurs, gives our defence a very solid look. We shouldn't go overboard after only a couple of games, but his start has been very encouraging. The future looks bright with a group of young defenders coming through to eventually take over from Belgians Alderweireld and Vertonghen.

His purchase shows our transfer strategy over the summer was the right one. The club didn't panic, the fans did and we ended up adding quality to the squad to make us look stronger overall. It is important now to follow up the Wembley win with another.


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  1. The fans panicked. As a grouping we generally do, though I hasten to add I was very relaxed myself. This is in spite of encouraging progress every season we've had Pochettino at the helm and Levy behind him.

    I was frankly unhappy that we got rid of Kyle Walker - especially to Shitty. Nevertheless, I appreciated that was not just a simple choice on the club's part. The player himself had a great deal to do with that - as they all do when being transferred.

    In spite of that we showed real class in the window once again. Breaking even as well as strengthening the squad. Not just for the short-term either. We're getting new lamps for old ones and that makes a lot more sense when you're not Aladin.

    I find it hard to convince myself to be nervous over the windows any more. We have people in charge who are simply too good at it nowadays. Even when mistakes are made they still manage positive results over all.


    1. Telling difference this summer to last summer,which you'd have to put down to Poch getting 'his' men this time whereas there was Mitchell as director of football last summer. Seems like Mitchell not quite as clever as people thought ?

    2. Probably why he was moved on then...



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