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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Inconceivable Barcelona found de Ligt watching Davinson Sanchez


According to Spanish news outlet Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona didn't know about one of the major watched young players in Europe until they watched our new signing Davinson Sanchez, what complete rubbish.

Clubs pick players up playing youth football and they follow their progress. There is no way Barcelona did not know about Matthijs de Ligt, who has already played for Holland. They already have Marcus Edwards on their list of players to keep a special eye on and have done for several years.

What may well have happened is that they watched Davinson Sanchez and 18-year-old (19 next August) Matthijs de Ligt and decided de Ligt was a better long term bet but needs more experience to play for the Spaniards. They may also have decided that they can make do with their current centre-backs or have more immediate targets, we know they are watching Jan Vertonghen.

Davinxon Sanchez only joined Ajax in June 2016 and de Ligt was playing for the Holland Under-19 side as well as making 17 appearances for Ajax. It is inconceivable that the Spanish, with their extensive scouting network at youth level, didn't know about him, the whole of Europe does.

Perhaps they should read their own articles. Here is one from June 2016, the very month Sanchez joined suggesting they already are watching him and is on their future stars list.

Make up a story if you must, but at least make it plausible.


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  1. I can't disagree. Seems like a facile attempt to pretend they lost out on one. A bit like the vicar blaming the dog.




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