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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Edwards a million miles from first-team standard

I watched the Tottenham Hotspur Under-23 side take on Swansea City at the Lamex stadium in a Premier League 2 match and to be honest Marcus Edwards was only in the game for flashes.

I haven't seem him enough to formulate a definitive opinion but observation based on what I saw last night would lead me to wanting answers to certain questions.

He looked the classic disinterested footballer we have seen many time before so is the desire there? Does he think he is good enough to be playing at a higher level or is he simply frustrated that he is so small and knows that is holding him back. I would certainly want to know more about his mentality if I were an opposition scout watching him. Physically he simply can't compete and adults would simply out muscle him.

That isn't a new observation based on Pochettino suggesting as much at a press conference when asked if he would be involved in the League Cup tonight , but something I have constantly reminded those fans who suggest he should be given a chance. I repeat once again Spurs are not a charity, we have a separate section for that.

Players must prove themselves worthy of a place on the training ground and in the case of Edwards on the pitch at Under-23 level. His defensive contribution from the right wing seemed non-existent, it certainly wasn't Lamelaesque.

He came to life on a couple of occasions when we were 2-1 down, cutting in, fashioning a shooting chance for himself but blasting over the bar. He showed a flash of frustration at himself then and it begged the question, is he a team player?

As a coach I'd be wanting a lot more from him, but to be honest there was very little passion in the whole side, it was like this was a training exercise, it was a million miles from senior football with hardly a tackle made.

Bennetts scored a lovely goal, but again, he looks as though he wants to do everything himself and Sterling's goal should have been saved by the keeper. I though it was a poor performance, the central defenders couldn't deal with crosses and we were weak in central midfield, far too many lazy passes, but that seems to be a Tottenham trait, lazy passing.


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  1. I didn't watch last night so i can only comment on what i saw in the previous game, against Dortmund, when Edwards was captain and worked very hard, both offensively (where he had a genuine impact on many occasions) and defensively, through tracking back diligently. The whole team against Dortmund looked 'up for it' and all played well, with Bennetts scoring in that game as well after a solo run. Bennetts certainly appeared a little greedy in that game, just as you note, but as he's scored 2 lovely goals in 2 games then perhaps we shouldn't grumble too much ! Surely that can be worked on as he moves up ? Back to Edwards and perhaps last nights below par showing was a case of disappointment for him ? But that is exactly what Poch would have been keeping an eye on, to see how he performed having been touted to play tonight. He should have put in a similar level of performance to the one against Dortmund and that would have impressed Poch and he'd be closer to the first team - now he's probably slipped back even further. I've been defending Sissoko recently, because fans have still been knocking him and calling for Edwards to get a game in front of him ! It's crazy talk from people who don't really have much idea tbh



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