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Friday, 22 September 2017

Can you name the 9 academy players Pochettino has given debuts to?


Tashan Oakley-Boothe became the ninth Spurs academy player to make his debut under Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday. He came on against Barnsley in our League Cup victory at Wembley.

In youth players contracts at clubs, there are often clauses inserted that guarantee the youngster time with the first team on match day. It is great for their development to be a part of the whole package of a match day so they get used to it and get used to the crowd, which is a big step up from the numbers they normally play in front of.

You'll often see youngsters taken on trips abroad, we regularly took them to UEFA Europa League ties which adds the travelling element, new culture, new crowd reactions, new training facilities. It shows them the level they need to get to, it gives them a carrot and an experience they otherwise wouldn't get, even travelling to an away Premier League match.

On some occasions there is also a game time clause inserted, if injuries etc allow. Thus you will find a youngster gets a substitute appearance in a League Cup tie or is brought on in an end of season game when there is nothing to play for or at the end of a game the club is winning, comfortably ideally. We did that for Filip Lesniak in May before selling him this summer. If we knew he was leaving and presumably we did, there was no reason to bring him on unless he had a clause in his contract. I have no idea whether he did, but events would suggest he did, in hindsight.


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  1. It's very interesting that we played Lesniak in what was crucial period of our campaign in the league, with us needing points to stay second or have a chance to reach the top... if he was deemed good enough to start such a critical match, why sell him? And if he was deemed not good enough or surplus to requirements, why even play him at that juncture... there were so matches we had to play, we could have played him at some other point along the way... fulfilling a contractual obligation sounds rather unlikely at that point in the season... it's all rather strange and at odds with his debut and being sold immediately after the season ended... being sold also means he must be of some value...


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