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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Aurier an improvement of Walker suggests Hoddle

Glenn Hoddle speaking to talkSPORT felt that the signing of Ivorian international right-back Serge Aurier doesn't weaken Spurs after selling Kyle Walker to Manchester City for £54 million (€61.40m - AUS$91.66m - US$73.35m) including add-ons.

"Losing Kyle Walker and replacing him with Aurier, it looks like that will work. Going forward he looks good, I think he will get better and better and I think he will probably make Tottenham better defensively."

Aurier had to have a jail sentence overturned before we could sign him and his official paperwork didn't come through until the final couple of days of the window. He is, therefore, one player we couldn't purchase earlier in the window even if we wanted to, which we did. He was our first choice replacement for Walker and his display at Wembley augurs well for the future.

Aurier wrote in Instagram "good luck guys" which has fuelled speculation that he isn't playing today and that Kieran Trippier will take his place. He only arrived at the club after the international break so he may well need a rest and we have a very capable replacement anyway.

It is a squad game and we need to rotate players as and when we can without rotating them all at once. It takes a bit of planning.


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  1. Looking very good TBF. I suspect the temperament will be fine as long as we treat him fairly - and we can be relied on to do that I believe.


  2. Looking at this line-up today there would appear to be a change in basic formation...looks like 3-2-1-3-1 to me but I wouldn't argue with 3-3-3-1

  3. What I wrote at half time…
    Far too many touches during, and passes across the pitch in our build up…
    Hopefully we will see LLorente’s height appear sooner rather than later…
    2nd half
    Eric you need to drag players away from the ball carrier to open up the vertical lines…
    Why is Llorente not on for Sonny?
    What was the point of that substitution?
    At last…
    That was handball… the others I can forgive but not that one.
    Déjà vue…too many times
    Poch gotta a lot to learn…

  4. It’s a shame that I have to post a post match commentary here but I do that cos I want to preempt the outpouring of platitudes from the usual suspects that will no doubt appear as excuses for that performance.
    The performance in itself was one that we have seen on many occasions.
    A brief glance at the stats will confirm that to be the case.
    Poch needs to understand why Eriksen and/or Alli were forced to drop deeper and deeper as the match progressed.
    Was it because once Sissoko was subbed and we had nobody attacking the spaces, and in particular, that corridor in and around the front corners of the penalty box?
    Not the first time I’ve mentioned that and probably won’t be the last.
    I understand that providing width in possession should open up gaps in MF but if it takes the time for me to refill my glass of merlot to provide that width then clearly ‘we have a problem Houston’.
    Was it because we spend too much time playing tiki taka on the touchlines when the ball should have been moved inside in order to isolate some defenders and so provide some space from where we can attack the penalty box perimeter?
    Poch still learning.

  5. While I would generally agree with most of what you said I don't believe you can put every failure down to Poch's inadequacies. It seems you're desperate to show Poch is still learning. Well, of course he is. Does that mean you could do a better job? I don't know your capabilities but I believe Poch is up there with the best when it comes to managing a club and a team, so I doubt there are many around at all that could. Does it mean he's letting us down? Emphatically not.

    The performance today looked like the team was still hung-over from Wednesday. Playing Saturday after a Wednesday looks like it will still be something for us to do a lot better at.

    However, let's not forget that, as poor as our performance was, it absolutely deserved all three points. There were five (FIVE!) strong penalty calls today that Mike Dean simply failed to award. Two body-checks, where clearly both players actually stepped into the path of the player with the ball; two blatant hand-balls - one where the arm actually went out even further from the body to meet the ball and the other where a player jumped in front of a cross with both arms extended; last, but not least, a blatant trip was ignored for a spurious hand-ball that didn't actually touch hand or arm.

    So, we may not have dazzled on the day, but we certainly did enough to win the game comfortably. That we didn't was not down to anyone at Spurs. One man stands responsible for all of those failures and he will never ever take responsibility for those choices.


    1. I agree Adrian that we were not helped by a feeble referee but some you get and some you don’t (decisions) and they generally even themselves out over the course of the season.
      How many times have watched a game where we have failed to convert possession into a meaningful result?
      We needed Llorente on for the second half (to challenge the Swansea CBs) not in the 74th minute.
      Now, take a look at the player positional report on WhoScored and you will see the usual suspects (7,10 & 20) presenting a clusterfuck in the middle of the park.
      The only player ( N°17 Sissoko) who is providing any width to our attack is replaced by a full/wing back!!!!!
      You can also see that Sonny is clearly not providing enough width on the left flank which is maybe dragging Trippier into the middle as well.
      So no width to our attack so no disruption in the Swansea defence.
      Poch needs to be pro-active during a match. At the moment he’s re-active so ‘Poch still learning’.
      Last season we were 11pts from 5.
      Today we are 8pts from 5.
      We therefore have to win our next two games to achieve the 2pts a game average needed to stay in contention for a CL place.

  6. I'm not sure I agree that refs' decisions even out over a season. As a supporter of a club that is more sinned against than sinning (mainly due to the fact that we tend to exert more pressure than we get put under) I frequently have to watch refs fail to do anything about unfair tactics used by beleagered defenses. On balance we get the rough end of the deal over and over again. That aside though...

    While some of your points are valid, I believe the main problem (other than that we clearly DID do enough to win handsomely on the day if the ref had refereed correctly) was that we went about the game at too pedestrian a pace. There were opportunities to break on Swansea. Mostly not taken, or taken too slowly to offer any real threat. I felt Serge, when he did come on, offered more than Sissoko from the side. Not that Sissoko had a bad game. He seems to be starting to get up to the pace a little. Finishing continues to be very poor though - not that he was alone in that aspect on the day.

    I'm not sure inverting Trippier was a great move, but it probably illustrates the need to try out new ideas depending on who is available on the day. He was always going to cut inside when he had the opportunity though, which limited the effect of having him on the wing.

    All in all a disappointing game. Not the end of our season by any means but not what we should have been able to expect. One thing we certainly can expect is for a large number of teams to come to Wembley and both : Park the bus; Play to the top of their game. We must anticipate that and find ways to handle it.


  7. The further we get from it, the more the Swansea game seemed like a hangover from a European game, adrenalin fatigue not travel fatigue. Swansea were set up to stifle, and did. Wembley is wider and longer than WHL and the team is still adjusting. My doubt about Ali is that he is a kind of passenger player, capable of brilliance, works hard, but not a dribbler. Son is the closest we have to a dribbler, but even he rarely takes on a defence: the Ali, Kane, Son (Lamela) Eriksen way is to find the gaps. If a team is set up to close all gaps then there are no breakthroughs. All that said, Tottenham rode their luck against Dortmund, and ran out of luck against Swansea - so the week balanced out, and I'd take the win over Dortmund any day. The fact that Chelsea would be beat both is the concern for us all.



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