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Friday, 4 August 2017

Villa loan for Onomah


Reports in the Birmingham press suggest that Aston Villa believe they have secured a loan deal for 20-year-old (21 next April) midfielder Josh Onomah.

Previously Mauricio Pochettino has said he would play more this season, yet now it looks as if he is being loaned out when in the past Pochettino has always said that he prefers to keep youngsters under his wing and not pick up bad habits elsewhere.

The players loaned out are the players we don't feel have a long term future at the club and last season, to me, Josh Onomah didn't look interested, lading me to wonder about his future. He helped England win the FIFA Under-20 World Cup and everyone went potty over him, it will be interesting to see how he gets on in the Championship, a move which suggests he is not ready for the Premier League.

One size doesn't fit all and game time might give him the development push he needs. Spurs gave him a new contract in February which keeps him at the club until 2020, but he'll only have 2 years left on it when he arrives back. Do we give him another before he leaves or negotiate hoping he'll sign another when he gets back?

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  1. TBF most of our youngsters aside from Harry Winks just aren't good enough for the 1st team yet. Loans will see whether they can kick-on or not. We can't rely on the academy alone if we want to win titles.

  2. Not sure he seemed uninterested when he played last year. To me he seemed overwhelmed, almost paralysed by the big stage. He doesn't appear to have the mental strength to compete at the top level...unless a couple of loan spells can toughen him up

    1. I agree. Something didn't seem quite right with the lad.

      Another factor that may be included in the decision is who may be on the cards for coming late in the window. We're unlikely to get much info about that just yet, but you can be sure MP and his team have a fair idea by now. It may presage some interesting moves.


    2. I'm not going to argue about that, I think we see the same thing but perhaps describe it in different ways. being disinterested is a mental problem, an attitude problem. We'll see what affect a loan has, but I wouldn't be writing him off just yet as the guy commenting below suggests.

  3. Onomah simply is not good enough and never will be.
    Waste of a place for a premier standard player on our bench.
    Good riddance.

    Now sign some quality and stop scrimping!

    1. That's exactly what many a fan said about Harry Kane, a Championship player at best they said.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "Onomah is no Kane"

      Exactly! Nevertheless, many like you suggested the same rubbish when Kane was coming through. So, in hindsight, we can all see what would happen if we were to think and work simply from our lack of gonads. Grow a pair! Life is generally a little more complicated than what appears easy. Choices have ramifications. Replacing Onomah with a 'finished article' player would be one of many similar steps which could lead to our being quite unable to perform at the level we're doing at the moment.

      He'll go when the experts closest to him determine that's best for Spurs. I'm happy to leave that to their discretion. Maybe that won't be till he's too old to play. I can't say. I'm not one of those experts. It certainly doesn't seem to me that he's a lost cause yet. I've seen too many players struggle for the first couple of seasons before coming on strong, to jump so easily to unwarranted conclusions. Bale anyone?


  4. How frustrating. Comment deleted to fix a couple of typos because there's no facility to edit. Copy of previous version of post didn't make it to the clipboard :-(



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