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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Those inside football understand Spurs approach


Spurs former director of football Damien Comolli (2005 - 2008) suggests it is very difficult to improve on the first XI at Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino. We have heard the same in various forms from several managers recently.

They seem to believe we have a money tree inside the new stadium that is going to pay for two world class players, which as my previous article explaining the impact of just a £20,000-a-week rise in our wage structure might have on the club.

A truely world class player, and that is a way over used term, on Facebook someone was trying to call Kyle Walker world class, er no, nowhere near it, a very good player yes, world class, not in a million years, would command £200,000 or more wages. That is totally beyond us, let alone two of them.

"I think Tottenham deserve so much respect for what they’ve achieved. Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino are working with less money than everybody else and working on a lot smaller wage bill than any of the Premier League’s top five - we need to give them some credit. 
"I’m sure they know exactly where they’re going [in the transfer market]. So to reinforce that team with players who are as good or better than those players, and as young too, it’s almost an impossible task. 
"They're probably looking for young and up-and-coming players to come and compliment that team, probably two or three and I’m sure they’ll achieve that in the end."

Those in football know what we are doing and respect that as does the Spurs fans embedded in reality. If you look at who we are linked with over the past couple of seasons, you can see we are after quality youngsters that have bags of ability to bring out.

Timo Werner for instance, he was having troubles, moved club and has been banging in the goals. We tried to sign him but the German decided to stay in Germany unsurprisingly. The 21-year-old (22 next March) went to RB Leipzig, who having just been promoted, qualified for the UEFA Champions League.

He scored 21 goals and had a further 7 assists in just 31 Bundesliga games. That shows why we wanted to sign him for the £8.93 million  (€10m - AUS$14.8m - US$11.8m) he joined RB Leipzig for.

We have to keep trying and keep adding talented youngsters to the squad. They fit within our budget and we want improvement to propel them and us to the next level. I don't see us signing anyone on more than £80,000-a-week wages, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

In Europe the majority of players are paid less than they can get in the Premier League so we can pick these players up, if we can convince them to come to Tottenham and fight for a place in the starting XI, and have them work their way through our wage structure that is designed to take them up a step each season they perform.

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  1. What a patronising headline, how dare we lesser mortals have an opinion.

    1. Really,looked at our trophy cabinet recently?

    2. Get over yourself for goodness' sake. Patronising headline! Whatever next?


  2. Would be nice if Joe Lewis put a bit of money into the club for a change. Being one of the richest in the footballing circle I'm sure he can afford it. Why bother to own a club?

    1. Would be nice if Levy did aswell

  3. Yes we must keep adding talented youngsters to the club like N'jie, N'Koudou, Janssen. And don't forget experienced talent like Sissoko and Fazio!

  4. Won't be paying players 80k not while sissoko is on 95k.

    Yes 95k

    A week

    There's no Business like Levy Business

    1. Come on Clive tell us how astute this 1 was

    2. Funnily enough, no club has a perfect record with purchases! Some don't work, it's a fact of life.

    3. It explains why I suggest we should use sports psychologists more to determine the mentality of a potential transfer purchase and become world leaders in that skill so we can minimise the risk of this happening.

    4. Press speculation, the press also say he is on £85k. There is no way Sissoko was given wages greater than our top earners like Hugo Lloris when he signed so I think you'll find £85k is probably more accurate.

    5. You just said we can't sign players on more than 80k though.
      Come on Clive I thought you were the business Guru?

      Also it's easy to say all clubs don't have a perfect record in transfer dealings but this 1 was as bizarre as it was reckless and stupid.

      At a time when we are supposed to have sorted our transfer strategy out this 1 goes against everything you bang the drum for so who was it that brought this clown in? Your esteemed Leader?
      The guy who is so clever with the money?

      Come on Clive from your self appointed know better view please explain

    6. May I assume you're one of those that still believes we've stumped up £30 for his services too?

      Personally, I don't believe this was such a no brainer as everyone makes out. I should make it clear I was never for buying him in the first place, but if we had to then the deal we got was better than expected.

      The risk is considerably less than most appreciate as each season he doesn't play a certain number of games his cost for that season doesn't accrue. If we sell him this window we'll end up paying less than £10 mil. Coming off his performances in the World Cup there was at least a credible chance he could end up a star player (Wasn't convinced myself, but could see the logic).

      Psychologically, it's much easier to notice the transfer failures of our own club. Other clubs make them too. At a similar rate. Clive's right when he points out that gauging a new player's attitude is essential when considering a transfer. Unfortunately we're still in the early stages of understanding that in football. I suspect Spurs are further progressed than most but Sissoko seems a good example of where that fell down. Even if he costs us very little in the long run, managing him into a well-oiled team has proven to be hard and risky work.


  5. Seams as the chickens are coming home to roast Clive. There are a lot of pretty smart proper supporters out there and they all have as valid an opinion as yours. The blog is good but there is far to much dismissing of others.



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