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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Spurs talking with Real Madrid over Bale


There is a suggestion that Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur have met and have discussed Gareth Bale together with Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli.

There is talk that Real Madrid would prefer to sell 28-year-old (29 next July) Gareth Bale to Spurs, if, and it's a big if, and when they decide to sell him. Why would they want to do a deal with Tottenham instead of the greater fee they could get from Manchester United?

That's simple, they want first option on Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli, should they move for them at the end of the season. Eriksen we know has ambition and it took a long time to get him to sign his last contract extension. The rumours coming out of the club last summer were that he would only be here for another year.

Spurs have made enquiries and asked for confirmation of Gareth Bale's situation. That is leading to quiet informal talks to explore possibilities, one of which is that Real Madrid would contribute to his wages.

Welshman Bale wants to stay at Real Madrid, but he has had a lot of injuries and they do want Kylian Mbappe who isn't going to be cheap. It is speculative but the club are looking at it seriously as he is a marketing tool as well as a tremendous footballer who could be just the star to help our young team.

Who better to learn from than a man who has been there are done it, a man with the mental approach that drives him to achieve his goals.

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As a matter of interest, how many fans would swap for Gareth RT Keep Alli Fav Swap for Bale

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  1. Options on Eriksen and Alli (both better than Bale) in exchange for an old and injured bale? This a joke right

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. How about we get Bale and also keep Eriksen and Alli. Sounds fair! We are a club heading upwards so there is no need to let go of our best. Also, click bait!

  4. Gareth Bale great player but that boat has sailed now i loved him when we had him but that was yesterday we must go forwards C.O.Y.S

  5. I can see another 'special partnership' coming, Daniel giving Real 1st dibs on all our players and us getting a fee for Bales sale to UTD.

    Business over Success. -the Enic way!

  6. LOL the special partnership between us and them! Certainly if there is a way then it should be done, it would be a massive boost to the club on ALL fronts. I'm not holding my breath though.

  7. See the usual cranks are out 😂

    Would be nice to have Bale back. Would rather keep Eriksson and Delete, however. Eriksen may be ambitious, but he also said, only five minutes ago, that there is something special going on at the Lane. So there is nothing decided either way. Likewise with Dele. He has always said he doesn't know exactly where he will end up. But he has also caveated that by saying he might stay at Tottenham his whole career.

    Bale in time for the new stadium opening. But because we have a first refusal on him and not because RM want our upcoming young stars!

  8. If Eriksen goes anywhere it will be Barcelona, we make no deal whatsoever with Alli. If Bale is gonna move we have first refusal anyway, but any fee has to take his injury record into account.

  9. Harry, Dele , Christian and Gareth , only a dream but worth dreaming about !
    Ps if this happened I would never question Dan Dan the Levy man ever again.

  10. This is also being reported to NewsNow for failing to comply with the NewsNow Editorial Standards.

  11. the great digital revolution,,...meant to open our minds.........instead.........dross of the nonsense journalism......get off the net ........fxxkwit

  12. Bale on loan with Real paying half his salary and an option for a second year. First refusal for Real on Deli or Eriksen, who won't want to go anyway if Poch's plans come to fruition in the next couple of years.

  13. I hope and expect to keep Dele for longer but have come to accept Eriksen may be on his way in the next couple. If we could negotiate some sort of swap deal that had Bale returning while giving Eriksen a crack at the very big time I'd be for it.

    Certainly not injury free, but what a great attitude Bale always had. A real driving force in a team (excuse the pun). I'd love to see him return and help us to win the league. Not too much of a stretch at this stage considering recent seasons.


  14. And NewsNow have removed this headline too.



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