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Monday, 7 August 2017

Spurs not in the Top 37 in Europe


Just to emphasis the difficulty we have with everyone shouting about an increase in TV money, take a look at the income from European TV revenue in the last 5 years (produced by the excellent Swiss ramble blog), Tottenham don't even figure in the Top 37!

That once again shows us that being in the UEFA Champions League is essential to increase our turnover. Popularity comes from being in the UCL and increased commercial deals from being regular participants also. In today's money game it is a must.

Last 5 Years European TV Revenue (this takes us up to prior to last season)
Chelsea £253.2m
Man City £221.7m
Arsenal £176.7m
Man Utd £158.7m
Liverpool £77m
SPURS £41.2m

In 2015/16
Chelsea £69.2m
Man City £83.9m
Arsenal £53.4m
Man Utd £41.9m
Liverpool £37.8m
SPURS £20.9m - that's £63m less than Man City!

Arsenal have existing commercial deals and they can not afford to be in the UEFA Europa League for more than one season or there is a danger commercial deals become reduced, TV money is reduced and then players wages become a squeeze, which means player sales and a potential weakening of the squad.

It is a big danger and they have gambled on making it back into the Champions League next season. This a bigger season for them than many imagine and we at Spurs, at least need to be taking one of those Champions League slots once again this season. Being a regular in the Champions League allows you the income to win trophies. That is important for our growth on and off the field.

We may be getting more TV revenue, but so is everyone else, all clubs have been raising their wage structure, just as we did last season, but don't for one minute think that levels the playing field with the big 5 earners above us, it doesn't, that will take years.

We have a new £30m shirt deal, Chelsea got a £60m shirt deal, again our income is way less, multiply that across other commercial deals and you begin to understand we do not have the income other clubs have, even if some fans do believe published  audited account figures for the top clubs are all made up!

We have to continue to punch above our weight and be prudent. That means getting players at the right price on the right wages and that will mean missing out on some players. It's tough but that is the reality, there is no point moaning about it, that achieves nothing.


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  1. This site is anti buying better players , players of Champions League and title winning standard.

    So don't come with the "being in the Champions League is essential to increase our turn over" when your quite happy to do nothing to improve and quite happy to start a season short of experience and no back up.

    The hypocrisy of it is astounding.

    1. That is a complete load of bollocks. I'm all for buying better players in a responsible manner that doesn't put our financial security at risk. Business pays for football so we need a successful business and be able to afford the repayments on the loans for this new stadium that will help us buy better players.

    2. Thank Goodness for people like Clive bringing his superior financial take on things over 19 other Premier LG clubs who don't know what they're doing and are dicing with instant collapse everytime a player is bought and given a wage by them.
      Perhaps you should be an advisor for them?

    3. Perhaps Portsmouth, Leeds, Wolves, Newxastle, Aston Villa, Blackpool, Wigan etc should have listened.
      Your apparent desire to go there way is not mine fortunately.

  2. Here's a little twist for you Clive. What if Levy was to sell out ( Sugar daddy in ) Spend 100s of millions like city did. I know about FFP so we get a 2 season ban in signing players , take them to cort and it gets reduced to 1. We have youngsters coming through anyway so it doesn't really matter as we now have a world class side !
    Emm didn't the Chelsea owner approach Tottenham first only to be told by Levy to get lost !
    That's how hard it is to break into that financial top 37 !

    1. Levy told him to get lost, that a new twist on history, results of future court cases, bans from Europe and people like myself get told we are not living in reality.

      Come on Steve let's be sensible about a difference of opinion eh.

      I want signings as much as you do, you would splash the cash (Bale all over again), I would spend prudently and build the squad on an ongoing basis without putting our finances at risk.
      I would hope you would hope, either route brings success, in addition to regular UCL football.

  3. That's not what i'm implying at all. I am stating how easy it is to get into that top category of revenue. With out looking at the list properly City, Chelsea , Paris never had bigger revenues than Spurs very long ago. Now people have come in , put money into them clubs and now look at there revenue streams ! There current owners of Tottenham are not putting anything into the club that doesn't run through an accountable level. Yes we are well run as a business and yes it is great to grow the club from within those boundaries but don't tell us that's the only way because you are talking rubbish. Success builds those revenue streams much quicker than internal growth because don't forget those clubs we aspire to reach are also growing.
    As for the Bale money all over again. I would have bought 2 / 3 top class players only and again you have me wrong, I don't actually want us to buy players I love the youngsters coming through but don't keep telling all of use we are muggs because we see things a little different. I have many good friends in top class business and they all run things in a different way to each other.
    What you seem to never see is Levy runs Spurs his way and that is very much pound for pound and he is risking nothing. I'm not even against that but i'm sick of hearing that every other team is dammed for reaching for the stars and don't quote Leeds or Newcastle they were completely miss managed but had Newcastle won the league under Keegan things might have been a lot different there.

    We have a great side and we probably won't get this chance again in yours and my life time.



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