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Monday, 7 August 2017

Sigurdsson, Cancelo, Murillo


In a rare lapse I read the anti-Spurs website and once again, what every sensible chairman would do is apparently Daniel Levy working against Spurs. If we have a sell on clause on a player and we get a percentage of any sell on, then it would be basic business practice to agree a fee and expect that percentage to be taken off. Anything else is simply stupidity, it would mean we would be effectively overpaying for a player.

You'd have to be pretty dumb in business to operate otherwise. If we employed the suicidal methods he proposes, we'd be back to being a mid-table club in no time. We have grown above the pack because of the business off the field and the team has grown with it. To grow again we must grow income again, we must continue to do what has been successful getting us here.

The player in question is supposedly 27-year-old (28 in September) former Spurs player Gylfi Sigurdsson who didn't like playing the Christian Eriksen role at Tottenham and left so he could play centrally for Swansea City. He wouldn't be first choice at Spurs, he wouldn't displace Dele Alli and he wouldn't be happy as a second choice or being asked to play as an inverted winger like Eriksen so often does. He is too old for our transfer policy as well so he is someone who would improve our bench, not where he wants to be.

Once again we are linked with 23-year-old (24 next May) Valencia right-back João Cancelo and we hear that Inter Milan are struggling to buy a replacement for 25-year-old (26 next May) central defender Jeison Murillo, so he hasn't left yet, even though he has agreed terms with Valencia. Latest news is that the two clubs are arguing over the add-ons with a basic £11.77 million (€13m - AUS$19.38m - US$15.33m) fee agreed.

Cancelo is one of several right-back options that we will no doubt be stepping up efforts to purchase once we hear the result of the Kieran Trippier scan tomorrow. The first studs up challenge he took against Juventus was rather naughty and I'm surprised nobody made more of it, especially in a pre-season friendly when you should not be wanting to injure an opponent.

The tackle was reckless and he should have been going into it with the side of his foot, not studs trying to stamp on the ball effectively. he should have received a yellow card.

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  1. This article makes no sense at all. It's practically incoherent.

  2. Ha I read it too and even made a few comments you have to



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