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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Selling Walker the right move


When it comes to selling players, certainly from a business point of view, you want to sell them while they still command a good fee. If you keep them too long, as they get older their value drops, as possibly does their performance.

Kyle Walker wanted to leave. He wouldn't try and force a move, but Pochettino is creating a happy environment that is conducive to team spirit and good performances. It is an atmosphere where everyone fights for each other and a player who would rather be somewhere else isn't adding to that environment, they are detracting from it.

It made sense therefore from a footballing, as well as business point of view, to sell Kyle Walker for the best price possible. Manchester City could have bought any right-back they wanted, but they also need to buy home grown players, who command a premium fee. Strengthening them thus makes no difference, as they would have strengthened anyway. By selling to them we got a bigger fee than we would have done elsewhere where the home grown factor wouldn't come into play and thus would mean a decrease in the fee obtained.

“He’s one of the best full-backs in England and Manchester City have paid a lot of money – £50m – just like they have signed different players to try to get success in the future. But, for me, I think we have seen the best of Kyle with Tottenham. 
“We helped him improve and learn. When you pay this type of amount for a player, it’s because he’s top and because you are at your best. Then it’s normal that he will succeed. It’s a big pressure because when you pay for some players, the pressure to perform as well in every game becomes greater. It will be different, the pressure, for him. But there is no doubt that he is a quality player, a talented player. And there is no doubt that he will succeed with Manchester City. We never had a problem. Never,”

If Mauricio Pochettino was happy to let him and go and feels Spurs have seen the best of him then I for one am happy to go along with his decision, yes his decision, not Daniel Levy selling him because someone had offered a lot of money.

Time for Kieran Trippier and the new right-back we buy to step up to the plate and improve.

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  1. selling walker will be tottenhams biggest mistake,trippier is not in the same class

  2. Just as I think I'm getting over this (Walker) mistake, and want to move on from it, a blog like this comes up again!!! Another deluded Spurs fan who thinks it's good for the club that he's gone!
    Look, we have made a MASSIVE error in selling Walker! If you want a squad like ours to fulfil their destiny you DON'T sell one of your KEY players ..especially to a rival looking to overturn 2 seasons of finishing behind us in the PL. Both Walker and Trippier would have been needed this season with possibly 60+ games, many on a strength sapping Wembley pitch! I don't care if Walker wanted to go (he could have been persuaded to wait one more year until we had time to bed in a proper replacement, whether it was KWP or a purchase) or whether he had a row with Poch (if Poch has a weakness it's not forgiving those he falls out with). No. Walker could and should have stayed one more VITAL season.
    I'd have been happy with few additions this summer, or maybe even none, if that had happened. Next summer we might have only got £30m for him, but so what!!! Better he'd been part of a balanced squad playing say half the games as right back or wing back this season (Trippier the other half) than adding to a main rival with his presence, while weakening us simultaneously! How much more beneficial to Spurs would it have been selling him for (perhaps) less next season, to assist him going back north, than it is for us to be sitting on £50m with no way of finding and/or developing a world class replacement at any sort of price. As it stands, our right side for this season is Trippier/KWP. Is that an improvement on Walker/Trippier?? I don't think so. Spurs should be selling players that are PAST their sell by date ...not at their bloody PEAK! And even then, only sell players when we KNOW we have a viable and strong alternative in place. We've taken out a major piece of our jigsaw when we were on the verge of completing the damn thing, and when we stood to turn excellent 2 season form into hopefully trophies! And if I hear another Spurs fan say this Walker debacle been a GOOD DEAL for the club, or that it's even OK, I'm gonna scream! Do you really want to be forever building for the future?? ..when it's about grabbing the hear and now too! This is (or should be) Tottenham's time ..after all these years!

    1. Pochettino thinks it is so presumably you believe he is deluded too! But of course you know more than him don't you.

    2. We'll see, won't we. Hopefully Trippier will stay injury free, suspension free, and k-nackered free for the whole season. Otherwise I can see us being a bit unbalanced ..can't you?
      Funnily enough I really really HOPE you're right and that Poch and Levy haven't made a mistake ..but ..

    3. Try not to scream CB, but I believe it's possible this may turn out better for us than you fear.

      If I'm honest, and go back over what you've said without my natural inclination to dismiss it as argumentative and showing little faith in a management team I see criticised so often in spite of their overall excellent track record, then I have to admit that I agree with many of your points and, while I think you may be mistaken, feel great sympathy with the sense of many others.

      In truth, it doesn't appear to me to be an obviously good thing. I was certainly disappointed when I heard of it. On the other hand I have learned to trust in the good sense of the management. It may be that Walker is just past his best and we're selling him at just the right point. Then maybe he isn't and we're not. My guess is that his head, while always fair man, may not be in the right place for MP to get the best out of him this season. Maybe MP sees what we can't. It's impossible to be sure from an outside perspective.

      If it is a mistake, I'm happy that it's one of very few made by a management team that are currently working wonders overall.


  3. At first I loved Walkers speed, though not a great dribbler. And I wasn't convinced Trippier was a better player, but its true, maybe not speed wise, but some of these early games, those passes that he made to Kane from deep were sublime. It was amazing to watch how well he crosses those balls into dangerous areas. Trippier is a different type of player, more finesse and creates more chances for the attacking players. I for one am excited to see how the new season plays out.



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