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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Povhettino feels fans need to make Wembley magic

Is the Wembley factor, since you raised it, one of the biggest challenges for Tottenham this season?

Mauricio Pochettino:
"I think it will be a massive challenge to change that perception because last season was so difficult to share with White Hart Lane for the different games and sometimes it was a little bit of an easy excuse that because it is Wembley, we could not play in the same way that we play at White Hart Lane.

"Today I think the players and our fans know that we need to move there and play every single game at home, at Wembley, and that I think is a massive change in our mind and for us and for our fans. And I think it was a very good test for us last Saturday against Juventus.

"First of all for the team and then for the fans to see that Wembley is fantastic and can be magic for us. And that is now our challenge: to try make sure that Wembley will be magic for us and bring some good news."
Source: Football London

He is clearly telling the supporters  to get behind the club and get behind the team, Wembley is home next season and the atmosphere needs to show that.

The pitch is larger than White Hart Lane was, but we have won on grounds of similar dimensions, like Manchester City. UEFA dictate the size of pitches and the ideal is to have all Premier League ground of a similar size. We have had to increase the size of the playing surface in the new stadium for that reason.

We will still be playing a high pressing game and Wembley has always been a sapping surface so that raises the question of fitness, not just for our players, but the opposition too. The injury to Kieran Trippier I assume will mean we will be playing with a back three with probably Moussa Sissoko playing as a wing-back.

While he may want to move, he is currently needed so if he moves I can't see it being until the final week of the window. During that time we will still look for a permanent sale instead of a loan with option to buy that is on the table.


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