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Monday, 7 August 2017

Pointless buying a third choice goalkeeper!


I read on Spurs Comminity that a fan asking why we are signing a third choice goalkeeper, especially when we haven't signed anyone else and suggested it was baffling. Another calls it pointless!

The only baffling thing is that the question actually needs answering.

Players are not signed in any particular order, you have a strategy for the whole of the transfer window and you purchase as and when the right opportunity presents itself.

Tottenham are not the first choice destination for every player, some players would be waiting to see if their preferred option becomes available and have Spurs as a back-up option, while other players may well be our and their first choice but the price isn't where we want it to be.

Instead of giving up, or simply paying stupid money, we apply pressure by allowing the window to run down. Every club in the world has done that, it happens with most clubs every window, especially those who have less financial capacity that the top 5, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

We are not in the market that the clubs below us are in and not interested generally in the players they are seeking. We need to find those players who are going to develop into stars in the short term. Such players on the cusp of stepping to the next level have many options, we are just one.

There is no point making signing for the sake of it, Sissoko shows that.

As for goalkeepers specifically, each club needs three, an injury to one and your third choice is sitting on the bench. Having one is essential therefore so signing one is just as important as signing a right-back or any other player wee want.

The window is about the whole window and where you are at the end of it. we don't know where we will be yet, what we do know is the right deals at the right price have not been available to us yet, or we would have bought.

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  1. Thank heavens someone can counter the dross. Another good article.

  2. Totally agree re 3 choice keeper - everyone needs one and different clubs have different ideas on who/what age that keeper will be. On a different subject i notice you mention Sissoko in a negative light (again) in this article, and the vast majority of Spurs fans wish he'd never joined the club, i wondered if you would agree or disagree with my view on him - I personally feel that he's an asset to the team (matchday squad) given that we lack a similar player to him and given that Lamela is still injured (he's not a 'similar' player in style but a first XI player on the right side). While i think Sissoko's touch is generally poor, i acknowledge he is quick and physically strong,and has plenty of experience. So my take on him is that he is useful to Spurs until such a time as he have sufficient quantity and quality of players to take his place (ideally if Lamela was fit and,for example, Barkley was signed). I don't care how much he cost (it's not my money) and if he is played, then i have to assume it's because Poch feels he should play, which is fine by me. I know fans love to hate him, and i'm with them in wishing we'd signed someone else rather than him, but we didn't - and i think he's done enough in the last 6 matches he's played to convince me he's definitely worth hanging on to until injuries clear up and signings happen. Thoughts ????

    1. I also think that Sissoko is rather clumsy on the ball... but the most galling bit is that he seems to break down our fluidity in passing as he either has the ball on the wrong foot (he seems to play only with his right foot), or gets it tangled under his foot, or generally doesn't make the incisive pass called for when he has steamrollered his way into the critical third of the opposition half... so even though he can get into critical and important positions, his decision making and passing seems to let him down and that breaks down our fluidity...

    2. I thought of this only after posting... his style doesn't seem to fit the way we play?

  3. Vorm is a free agent next summer and may leave in January. We are looking at a younger keeper with a view to replacing Vorm and covering the bench if Vorm has to step in for Hugo, so it makes perfect sense. Lopez may arrive on a free as third choice keeper with one eye on the future.

    1. Hope we can keep Vorm... he's a real asset as a back-up keeper... I think he knows his place and is happy to stay on... just like Brad Friedel towards the end...

  4. Agree, an unnecessary distraction right now.

  5. This site is for pompous we know better and will blindly, undyingly back any choice the club makes and act like anyone in disagreement is intellectually inferior.
    A 3rd choice Keeper is the least of our worries.
    And as for transfer 'strategy' u mean cheap as chips and cry about how we can't compete.
    Surrender monkeys like u bunch make me sick.

    1. Not hard to see why anyone would feel intellectually superior after that really. I think you're confusing the ownership of a couple of brain cells with smugness.

      It would be hard to explain the point of handling all business within a window to someone that can't understand it when explained quite clearly as above. I wouldn't have a clue what else to say in order to communicate an the idea. Simple English is clearly inadequate.

      BTW You won't find many here crying about not being able to compete. We have an alternative approach that doesn't rely on competing at that level. That's sort of the whole point. It seems you missed that too. Never mind.

      What was that you were saying about monkeys?


    2. Mea Culpa. I admit to be brighter than a bunch of gibbering monkeys. How very smug of me.

      Time to move on now. Find something else to have a problem with and moan about. I'm sure it won't take you long.

  6. This lot will clap Levy into the next decade with 1 Mickey Mouse trophy to his tenure!



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