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Monday, 7 August 2017

Pochettino words come as no surprise


It is being reported as a surprise call by Squawka, but anyone who watched 20-year-old (21 next April) Josh Onomah play last season on his brief appearances will not be surprised by Mauricio Pochettino's remarks at all.

He regressed, gone was the enthusiasm, the drive, the verve, he looked disinterested, not motivated, which all stem from mentality. His mentality was clearly not right.

“He needs to prove himself that he can play. It’s a great opportunity for him now at Aston Villa to prove himself and prove to everyone that he is a player that can learn and improve and will be useful for Tottenham.”

While Onomah was getting all the plaudits last summer and people have been talking about him since England won the Under-20 World Cup, it is another Spurs youngster who is grabbing the headlines at the moment.

We have seen Ryan Mason emerge on a pre-season tour, 21-year-old (22 next February) Harry Winks emerge last season and now younger winger 20-year-old (21 next February) Anthony Georgiou is catching the eye and taking the chances he has been given, as did 20-year-old (21 next April) Kyle Walker-Peters in the Wembley win over Juventus.

You do get the impression 21 is the age they can start to break into the Spurs team with cameo performances and that at 20 they are still earning and not yet ready.

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  1. This is a manager in the image of Sir Alex. Very direct and uncompromising on every single detail. No apologies or egos. We know what Fergie did and what he achieved.
    Poch will not allow anyone to drop standards or mental toughness. If he had spotted a flaw, then just as Beckham was sent out to grow up do is this lad. We know Poch prefers for a young player to stay and train, but he clearly feels whilst the ability is there Josh needs to grow up and toughen up, which is by playing. But not yet for us.
    An excellent call by a ruthless manager that with this attitude will be s serial winner just like s certain northern club were.

  2. Furthermore he is being sent to the perfect club for this season. It has John Terry that cannot be seen as anything but ruthlessly tough and single minded to win. Playing with him will allow him to understand the mental needs in a team that also will be challenging at the top. Not a bottom Orem club with diff pressures. A great bit of thinking by Poch

  3. Played out of position and likely low in confidence because of it.

    I disagree that it was through a lack of desire or enthusiasm.

    Hopefully gets the time to play in his natural position at Villa.

    1. That should not be an excuse. He should if nothing else be even more determined. I do not see one other player in that team have an issue how they set up or adapt. If our manager sees what he thinks is best then we should respect his thoughts. If Josh is not willing or do limited then his mental toughness is not a winning one.

    2. IMO a young player playing at the toughest level should be played in their most familiar position.

      Not all players have the confidence of Alli or Dier. I never got the impression with Onomah that he wasn't putting the effort in, just that he looked a bit overwhelmed and intimidated.

    3. I agree that Josh should have worked doubly hard... played out of position or not, versatility is important to the team, and that gets you a spot when you're hovering at the fringes of the first 11... no point sulking or be overwhelmed... if you are, then you're probably not good enough... he's playing to be a attacking midfielder or striker, if he can't gather enough courage and strength to meet the role thrust upon him, then he's never going to make it on a regular basis in the EPL where it's so highly competitive... Juve was not really in top gear as we can see...

      I am quite sure Poch was testing him... which is what pre-season is for besides getting fit, and working out tactics from training... it's about getting a look at the playing mentality of all the players and how and where they could fit in, and calculating and organising where to put in players should injuries and suspensions take their toll... this kind of forward planning should be part of Poch's regiment given how organised and methodical he is...

    4. I'm sorry Pl, but we really aren't in any sort of position to carry passengers. If Josh isn't prepared to challenge for his spot then there are others who will. If he can't make his preferred slot his own then, luckily, he plays for a manager who's impressed by flexibility and attitude, so has an opportunity to impress anyway.

      I can be confident of saying he won't simply be awarded his own preferred spot until he's proven he can battle to get on the team at any position. He's had opportunities. He just doesn't seem capable of understanding what's expected of him. Bear in mind there are a number of other good players who WILL battle their hearts out.

      Who would you pick if you were managing youngsters in such a situation? Not a hard question I suspect.


  4. Last point. I wonder if Aston Villa are going to play a more intense type football like we do? If so then they could be serious challengers

  5. Our bench are not of the quality required to play in the CL. Walker Peters had a good game against Juve, but the others don't strike me as anything that special from what I've seen of them. But then neither did Kane so who knows?
    One thing's for certain we can't field that many in the CL or even the PL if we're to be taken seriously. 2 proper players required min.



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