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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Pochettino philosophy improving Spurs

The spending has been incredible in the Premier League this summer: £1bn. The last I looked, Spurs have spent £0. How would you reflect on the summer so far?

Mauricio Pochettino:
"I think it is so clear at Tottenham that the last few years have had a clear philosophy. In Tottenham in the history - if you see in the last five years - . It is so difficult when you have a very good team and at a club like Tottenham you have a very clear philosophy and a plan that you want to follow, it is not easy to find right footballer.

"I think we are working and we'll add some players to the end of the transfer window. We need to bring some new energy and strengthen our squad. I think everyone knows that - and first of all our chairman, Daniel [Levy], knows that.

"He's working hard with the chief scout Steve [Hitchen] and we are working hard too to deliver it and to add and strengthen to the team that we need to fight for competitions next season."
Source: Football London

He confirms that Tottenham have a plan and are following a plan. He has mentioned before that Tottenham have a different philosophy than the clubs heavily spending. Whether fans agree with that or not isn't really relevant, it isn't fans who devise club philosophy.

Just recently he said (as reported by the Daily Express), "All is about objective and time. We see what happens in the future." That clearly demonstrates our philosophy extends beyond this season. He went on to say "It's important to believe and take the way that you feel can help the club. It's clear that in the last three years my philosophy has helped the club a lot to reach what they want."

That would suggest the approach Totenham are taking is not Daniel Levy refusing to buy as expressed by some, but finding the right players for the right price with the right potential for development, as understood by the rest of us.

That so clearly is our strategy so why are people complaining about it. What do they expect moaning to achieve, the club to suddenly replace the plan they have for the coming years, that has been successful to date in developing the club to compete regularly, something we haven't done for donkey's years.

Give a fan a grape, he'll complain he wants a bunch, give him a bunch he'll complain he wants the whole tree! that basically is what we are hearing.

It is my view that supporters should support the club, they should recognise the situation we are in, the financial constraints we have, the strategy we have and enjoy the journey. Why spend your time being miserable, it doesn't lead to a happy life.

Next step is for the players to win a trophy, they are good enough.

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  1. Very sound philosophy in my view, when all's taken into consideration.


  2. Realistic DL, has finally backed a manager yay. Seems like good manager too by facts of results. Need to back project/philosophy. We don't spend big since bale money waste. Alli alone one window, Shayon alone another. Sisoko was a please the moaning fans signing with no pre season for us, should be in centre midfield Imo, look at his physic and engine, a shame we have dier dembele wanyama winks already vying. Prem champs this year. See you next year may lads. Coys

  3. I find players want it too easy at times and dont want to fight for the right to play for a club, that is why the likes of Morata will not come to spurs to challenge Harry as they know Harry is a better player and therefore Morata will not improve the team. It speaks volumes for the quality we have in the team and tells me as a fan that the selection will be tough and grueling. Added to the above with a wage cap, it makes it even harder to find the right type player, however there are players out there that will improve the team in the plans the club has set and we will find them. COYS



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