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Monday, 7 August 2017

Pochettino not letting Sissoko leave


There would seem to have been a turnaround in the Moussa Sissoko situation. The Trabzonspor president has confirmed that Mauricio Pochettino is not letting him leave Spurs, we haven't been able to secure the alternatives we want to as yet.

They want a loan deal with an option to buy, we want a permanent deal. If we loan him and get him back, we suddenly have a player we have to pay another annual fee for and wages back on our bill. He is also a non-home grown player and those spots are limited in a squad.

That leaves Sissoko in limbo. He has agree terms with Turkish side Trabzonspor but loaning him out would leave us short of experienced cover.

That means Sissoko, in World Cup year, will have to buck his ideas up, stop sulking and produce the goods. His performance against Juventus was encouraging. He looked as though he could be part of the team, if not a major part. Without a new signing, he is going to get plenty of game time.

Sissoko will have had a full pre-season so has no excuses this time around, now he stands or falls through his own efforts. The ball is in his court, he has to now produce on the training ground every day and force Pochettino to pick him regularly.

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  1. Too right he shouldn't with our current injury problems. A lot of Spurs fans hate Sissoko but you don't get that many caps for France without good reason. He's not been given many starts and I thought he had a great game against Juve. There is also the possibility he could be tried out in the RB role which I think might be a success, presuming he can cross and attend to the defensive side that entails. Well worth a try.

  2. I hope Poch dose want to keep him, he bought him. Presumably to do a job and now he knows what is expected and has had a season to adjust. It must be better to stick with Sissoko, than bring in another third tier player that will struggle to adapt in time be be much use to us this side of Christmas, the speed of the Prem gets them every time.
    For me he is good as we are going to get for the money we are prepared to pay for an established player.
    Of course you can always be lucky and turn up a diamond on the cheap but that's why diamonds are rare !

  3. Honestly he looks clumsy on the ball... he doesn't seem to have the neat one-touch technique of Eriksen, Alli, Kane, Son, or even Dier...

  4. I admit to finding it all rather weird to think there are committed Spurs fans out there, watching the same games I do, that think Sissoko is a good thing for the club going forward. Maybe we see the game differently. I know that, apart from a couple of rare occasions, I've felt he's not earned his place in the game. Juve was one of those occasions, I must admit, but even that wasn't too impressive if I'm honest.

    I suppose time will tell in the long run.


  5. Look presumably we checked him out before signing him and Poch is no mug so he new exactly what he was getting. The only thing he couldn't of known was what sort of attitude he was going to turn up with. He probably thought he was being brought in as a new star turn of the team. Had no preseason with us and then was pushed out of position on the right which he didn't look to bad at the start. He probably then realised these are good players in front of me in the middle of the park " what the Fxxk did you buy me for" attitude drops. Then he is challenge in training , "you got to go out there and prove yourself every day son, we don't just give shirts away" this other than at France probably hasn't happened to him before.
    New team , new systems ,no fitness, first half of the season gone.

    I don't say he is a great player but in my opinion we will be better off at this stage with Sissoko than starting all this again and needing to spend 60 mill plus to get any better ( just look what Sigg is going for ) and he wouldn't be in the starting 11 either.
    Sissoko has power and pace and a good engine , he might just be more suited to Wembley and will be playing for his world cup life.
    Just my opinion boys.

    1. While I wouldn't come to the same conclusion necessarily, I certainly won't argue with most of the points made. I won't even say it's impossible I get proven wrong about whether or not he has enough in him mentally to turn things round.

      I doubt Poch is still working on him though. My guess is that he's being shown to prompt buyers (Still, good point about his world cup life).

      BTW My earlier comment was not an implication that anyone that disagrees with me must necessarily be wrong. Obviously I'd be of that opinion. More that different people can come up with such opposing conclusions when presented with the same data. I suppose the good thing about such comments as these is that our opinions and comments are left here for examining later.




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