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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Pochettino - No panic chaps


Mauricio Pochettino knows the unique project he has signed up for and is fully on board. He knows with a new stadium being built and huge loan payments to repay that huge funds are not available. His role is to build the club, not just the first team.

He will know it is a long term project and that the club have to increase turnover to increase reinvesting in the team. We will be purchasing this window, we all know that, but any purchase isn't simply for next season, purchases are long term purchases who can grow and improve the squad.

When signing a player, it isn't just the cost of the fee that has to be taken into account, their are 5-years wages, assuming the player is offered a 5-year contract, which is normal, which also include image rights. On top of that are agents fees and a signing on bonus.

“For sure we’re going to spend. We’re going to sign some players who can help us fight and strengthen our squad - we need new energy in the team. 
“I’m sure that will happen and we’ll add some players before the end of the transfer window. We are working hard and are so close to making it happen.”

The club have to identify a player and then work out the maximum package we can offer, which includes 5 years of wage increases for contract extensions. There is only so much we can spend, given our income is £100m + less than our rivals. They are not building stadiums at the moment.

We know Barkley is recovering from a hernia operation so won't be signed until late in the window. We don't need to go through that again. next is a right-back and our first choice would seem to be Serge Aurier, who still hasn't signed for anyone.

It could well be that we won't sign a second choice until he has signed for someone else and our alternatives will know that and if they want to join us will wait. While fans may not know what is going on, agents do and targets do.

The ITK on Spurs Community is that we are after the same players we have been after since the start of the window, which suggests they haven't been signed by anyone and there are other options for each player. The lower down the scale you go the easier it is to sign players because they are looking for stepping stone clubs.

We were one but no longer are, our status has changed. We still don't have the pull of some of our rivals, we can't yet afford to offer the same wages package, but as Jose Mourinho pointed out during last season, he can't just go to Tottenham like Manchester United used to do and cherry pick players, as he found out with his move for Eric Dier and the stories leaked to the press to try and unsettle him.

No panic chaps, the window isn't over yet.

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  1. I'm not panicking by I am frustrated that we enter the season without the players we need. Winning margins are fine, and an incomplete squad will damage our PL and CL chances.

    1. I think we can all understand and appreciate that.

  2. It would make the title a lot easier to win if somebody could just convince our owners that the season starts well before the transfer window closes. Talk about hobbling ourselves.
    I'm sick of levy faffing around trying to save a few quid and then losing millions by missing out on titles of qualifying for the CL. The man is an idiot.

    1. Levy is a Tottenham fan, has been since he was a child just like yourself no doubt, He also knows how to run a major company and has done so successfully. He has taken us from a bankrupt club finishing 11th to the 6th richest in the country and one who have competd for the last two PL titles and featured in a Cup Final. Clearly his idiotic approach is taking us in the right direction.

    2. Levy is a Spread sheet fan not a Spurs fan, as are you clive

    3. I'm not, I'm a fan of not ruining what we have built, I know we'll sign players and I know we won't put the club at risk doing so.
      I have merely demonstrated what would put our club at risk and if that is what you wish for that is your prerogative. Ruin the club financially now and you ruin the club for the next 10 to 20 years, why you would promote that I don't know.

  3. For those in ITK
    I wonder as a fan what Levy would be wanting or hoping Spurs would do if he wasn't running the club. I wonder if he would agree the earlier we sign people the better they settle and the more points we probably would get thus fishing higher and gaining more prize money. I wonder if he would sell the best right back in the country to his main rivals thus making them stronger

    I know it is much easier when you don't have to balance the books but just like in some matches , everyone in the ground can see some ones having a stinker but the manager pulls off someone else. Sometimes you are just to close to see or you try to justify your decisions by your actions and get it completely wrong !

    1. That's a fair question. My belief is that his position gives insight and understanding to a far higher level than most fans can aspire to. As a fan, but assuming for now his present understanding, I believe he'd like to see purchases brought in earlier - as most of us would - but would understand that the cons outweigh the pros in many situations so would go for that which took the club forward after all ramifications were considered.

      Like you, I'd like to see signings come in earlier and have a chance to get bedded in before the season starts in earnest. If that means crippling the team in other ways though, not so much. I'm not so ITK that I can explain all the pros and cons in each individual situation but I know enough to trust those that appear to me to have managed it well over recent seasons certainly.

      Clive is always banging on about such matters being far more complicated than we fans often consider. EG. You can't get someone in quickly if you're not their first choice. Nor if your first choice doesn't have you as their first (as with Batshuayi & Jansen last season). Nor does it make sense to pay over the odds to induce another club to let a player go without haggling when that extra money is something your club and its survival can't do without.

      At the end of the day it's always easy for us as fans to express our desires and expectations without necessarily having to plan them out. That's a luxury the managers (team & business) don't have.


    2. If he understood Man City could just go and sign the best right back in the world and not just England allegedly, and it was Pochettino's decision to sell, then I'm sure he's appreciate that it makes no difference especially when the club have received more than they would get elsewhere.

      What a fan, who isn't a coach, thinks is a strinker, may not be what the coach thinks is a strinker or he may be able to see that the issue is in fact with someone else.

      I take you back to the old Danny Rose where the problem was first Gareth Bale and then Christian Eriksen in front of him not giving him the defensive help he needed. I remember writing an article about a goal everyone was blaming him for when in fact the issue was with one of the defensive midfielders not doing their job properly.

      Yes sometime things are wrong but sometimes they are right for the club strategy that may have different goals to the one season goals a fan has. It depends entirely on the criteria you use to evaluate. Mine is long term regular trophies, not just a trophy in the season we are playing.

  4. I've played a good enough standard of football and managed at a highish level to know when and why someone's having a stinker and why but that's not here nor there.

    I have also learnt a lot from Clive and the blog and am a big fan. That's why I reply to a lot of the comments.
    There is never one way only to do anything though , in any walk of life.

    As for Levy, he does crack me up a little but I do love the way he is different to most and he certainly knows how to wind other chairman up which makes us a little different and different is always better.

    Dan Dan loves a deal, he squeaks when he walks but it's OUR SQUEAK and he has turned the club round. Who doesn't make mistakes but we pay our money and are entitled to our opinions. We don't know the insides but we also aren't stupid and come Sunday if we win at Newcastle I will be singing his name !
    There Sure Is Only One Daniel Levy
    We all know the song if we lose !


    Keep writing the articles Clive and hopefully we will all be happy come Sunday. x

  5. And now it would seam that it's not only some fans that are not convinced with our transfer policy. Danny Rose should not be speaking out but I can certainly see his point and this brings me back to selling Walker. It's a house of cards and by pushing Walker out we showed a lot about our ambitions. Any of our team can command 3 times their wages in any of the top 5. Loyalty is one thing but underpaying and showing now signs of pushing on is another. What do you think is going through the players heads. " I'll hang on here for 5 years then Spurs might be in a financial position as my career is over. Have no dought we would be dumping the players if they weren't up to it.
    Who was the last marquee signing we mad Raffa probably. The pressure is really building as the first card has pulled from the bottom of the house and how we handle Rose will be very significant !

    1. I wish I could argue with that one. It's true they can show their quality at Spurs. I hope they see the point of sticking with the project though. It's not like they need too much more money.

      TBF though, I suspect it's the undubitable fact that they could easily be in trophy-winning sides if they weren't here. Let's hope that particular temptation is countered by the belief that Poch is installing that we're on our way to becoming a team that wins trophies regularly.


  6. Ok boys Clive's gone quiet so I'll put this out there.
    In the Guardian they are quoting over the last 5 years we have received £321 million and spent £ 254 million. Which is a £67 million profit.
    Our wages expense is 46% of revenue and we have built a training complex.
    Now I don't know our total income but my A level in Maths tells me there is a awful lot of money floating around in our bank account. If we said we got £100 million from TV and sponsors as an average over the 5 years I would say that leaves us in the region of 54x5= £270m + £67m totalling £337m. So it would seem we are a very rich club ?

    1. Clive has gone quiet because he has been attending his brothers wedding, then having a holiday in Slovakia and the Czech Republic away from it all. Nothing more to it than that.

    2. Very pleased to hear it Clive. I was rather worried you were having health problems and we may not hear from you again. Very much not a good thing IMHO.

      Let me take this occasion to apologise for an earlier typo/brain fart when I spelled 'indubitable' with two 'u's above. It doesn't even sound right and makes me appear all sorts of ignorant.

      Anyway, I'm in a happier mood now I know there are more blog posts to come.


    3. Hi Steve. Let's hope an A-Level maths question wouldn't be on basic arithmetic. Let's also hope an arithmetic question would make clearer all the factors to take into consideration beyond just the transfer ins & outs, the wages and the cost of the new training complex. Building a new stadium, albeit paid on a pro rata basis, springs to mind. I expect there are various other running costs too, that may well be at the more trivial end. In the circumstances I doubt we have too many coppers tinkling around in the club coffers. I expect we still have to cut our cloth to fit our suit for now. Frustrating but tenable. Hey, we're not making too bad a fist of it to my way of thinking.


    4. Hi Ade
      I have reached the point where if I was Levy , I would be telling Poch. You can have 1 maybe 2 more young signings and then as a club I would be saying that's it , we aren't buying " paying these prices " football is going to implode. I can't believe we have just paid 40 mil for a prospect !
      Lets sit on our hands for a couple of years , make sure we keep what we have because if the Neymar sale is going to be the yard stick, it is all going to go horribly wrong.
      All products have saturation points, where the business just can not grow beyond. In my humble opinion football will be reaching that point rather rapidly.
      We have a young improving side , time to sit right back out the way and the others will come tumbling back to us.
      I was all for buying young but not at 40 mil a go.

      Anyway looking forward to tomorrow , my first game back a season ticket holder 17 years !

    5. Good for you Steve.

      I also concur with your thinking on the exploding costs. I won't say not to compete at all, as I still believe some sensible spending is called for, but I suspect you're fundamentally correct and we should watch those around us struggle and fall, while continuing to be very careful with our own funds.

      Not that competing at that level for players is a guaranteed recipe for success anyway, of course. With expensive players often come massive egos - and we've seen what they can do to a team and squad just recently. Not a desirable situation.

      I believe things are looking very well managed here at Spurs thank you very much :-)


  7. You can't get away from it all the week the football season starts ! It's a football blog !
    No you have a nice time and come back refreshed like Lamela COYS

    1. Of course you can. bratislava and the Czech Republic aren't like Spain. There aren't loads of shops selling English newspapers, don't view the Internet on your mobile phone and you are done. The places are not full of English and not full of English bars. I was out in Bratislava for a wedding so enjoyed time with the whole family which was much more important and it's nice to have a break from everything. Only heard one other English person in Brno where I took my mother.
      Piece of cake to get away from it all. In Bratislava I only saw 1 bar showing football. Don't remember seeing even one in Brno.

    2. I believe the point Steve was making Clive, was that as far as we're concerned you aren't ALLOWED to go absent at that time. We need you.

      Obviously tongue in cheeks as he follows it with :
      "No you have a nice time and come back refreshed like Lamela COYS".

      Personally, I fully sympathise with both :-)


    3. Yes don't worry, I didn't take offence and always welcome his comments, as I do yours.

      While Steve may not always agree with me he doesn't resort to the abusive language the Neanderthals use.



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