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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Pochettino highlights inability to guarantee playing is a problem

How hard is it to push someone like Harry Kane? You're asking a striker to come where he's not going to play. That's been the problem, hasn't it?

Mauricio Pochettino:
"No I think this is almost as important because Harry Kane knows very well that when he was behind Soldado, or Adebayor, he knows very well what happens when, in a moment, you have no focus. If you have in behind another who is pushing, if you don't give your best then maybe...

"And he knows that his manager is about the performance not only in the game but during the week. And that is important, the players that combine to add to the squad know that if they are better and challenge and deserve to play then they play.

"It is true that it is difficult now that you cannot guarantee to the player that they play when they sign but you can guarantee that your provide good tools to challenge our players."

He makes a very important point. Footballers from Europe are guaranteed starters for their clubs and asking them to come to a club and fight for a place isn't always easy. Many players stay in Europe and get guarantees of starts.

We heard from Etienne Capoue how he expected to be a guaranteed starter when he came to Spurs and didn't react well when he wasn't, as he later admitted. If a player is guaranteed a start in Europe and you are a young developing layer, how important is it that you play?

For the majority they will say it is, which makes signing them for Tottenham difficult. Mauricio Pochettino has shown he can develop players and that is a selling point, but if that means not playing regularly for a season, a season prior to a World Cup, and that carrot doesn't look so appealing.

It has been a difficult window for fans who equate spending with improvement, which isn't always the case.


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  1. I guess 'somebody' told DR that he had to play for his place again and that he wasn't the automatic choice after return to fitness!!!!

  2. That occurred to me too my friend. I would expect more from him as he's shown such a great attitude in the past. Let's hope he has the gonads to do it again. I think he's the best player in that position in the country so that shouldn't be such a worry for him. It'll take hard work though, obviously. Ben D is improving all the while.


  3. Rose has broken ranks…probably tapped-up…I doubt he will play for us again…perhaps the sooner he goes the better.
    This is (was) a player who was rewarded with an improved contract last month (according to this report, the second in less than a year!
    It won’t affect Poch’s team selection at present as Rose was not in contention (injury) but I suspect it would weaken DL’s hand in the transfer market.
    His departure would leave us with a squad of only 16 senior players (age-wise) 3 of whom are homegrown. As I mentioned before Winks and Alli are 21 now but, were under 21 on January 1st, so I think they qualify for one more year on our U21 list.
    Not even DL would be as stupid to think that we can maintain our momentum with such a small squad of ‘experienced’ players…would he?…to be continued...

  4. I guess Clive is ‘hors de combat’ at the moment so just a quick résumé of the game today.
    Our ‘new guy’ came through unscathed but I don’t expect him to start next week if KT is fully fit.
    Sometimes it’s embarrassing to watch this type of game (70% possession in our favour) but it’s not the first time we’ve played a similar tune by any means…hopefully at some point we will play 2 up front when a game situation allows it (i.e. today) and not just as a reaction to being one goal behind (or more) in the last quarter.

    1. I thought KWP was excellent again. Defensively very sound and also offered a real threat going forward.

      Sissoko wasn't brilliant but seemed to be more up to the speed of the game (slow though it was). Seemed to make fewer mistakes too, and was able to get involved with other team members in moves that didn't break down.

      HK was so unlucky to have both main attempts fail to bulge the net.

      Great news to see Sonny back on the pitch after his international mishap. Shame we didn't quite manage to get goals #3 & #4 to put us at the top for a brief spell. That honour goes to Huddersfield Town. Good luck to them.


  5. I just do not understand why is it that every transfer Tottenham are involved in is complicated?
    I know this is the case with some other clubs and their transfers but it seems with Tottenham it is always the case.
    I cannot believe that every transfer has so mamy issues as the ones involoving Tottenham.
    Now if only Daniel Levy or Poch could explain that to the fans then we would be more patient but at present I cannot see us making one transfer
    Oh well we will see

    1. It's unfortunate that Clive (The blogger here) seems to be hors de combat ATM. Nevertheless, a quick scan through his historical postings will find fully explained answers to that question.

      I suspect your timing was also unfortunate, in that we've just made a big signing. Maybe your comment was the final tipping point to convince the powers that be to get their fingers out (J/k of course).




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