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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pochettino: Fans have a "very wrong perception" of Daniel Levy


Mauricio Pochettino has used Mirror to tell the anti-levy faction that they are wrong and that their perception is, in his own words, very wrong.

A section want someone to blame because events haven't happened how they want them to happen, rather than what the club and what Pochettino actually wants. A player transfer is a vastly more complicated affair than the majority of fans appreciate. You only have to look at the silly comments on Twitter to see the fans view is throw money like confetti and players will come running. 

It seems incomprehensible to some that a player may actually choose not to come to Tottenham for footballing reasons, for some it is always Daniel Levy's fault for not offering more money. But then that fits their agenda, the truth doesn't.

Our Argentinian manager has used the daily newspaper to inform these Spurs supporters that Daniel Levy does not have a reluctance to spend.

“That is a very wrong perception. In three years, my experience with Daniel has always been trying to find a player to improve the squad. 
“The difference is were they the right or wrong signing? But I think Daniel is very keen to sign every season in my experience. 
“When I first came, the transfer discussions were with Franco Baldini and then later Paul Mitchell. We have a lot of meetings, spontaneous meetings, talking every day on the training ground. I think we are all involved in the process, Daniel included. 
“Of course the last decision is between Daniel and me if we sign the player. But we are all involved in the process to try to find the right player for us. But the thing is Daniel is very keen to sign players like me.”

Once again we hear that people are involved in the process, not simply Daniel Levy in some Hitleresque dictatorship. the club have a strategy that firs with our financial position and Mauricio Pochettino is fully behind that.

Signings will arrive he says, and has said on more than one occasion, clearly because he knows we have spoken to players, he knows there are players lined up waiting to come to Spurs and that we have to negotiate the right price and not the daft figures being quoted. Agents and some clubs will have ball park figures agreed, with details and payment structures to discuss.

For some that will only be if other targets don't materialise. Our right-back situation seems to be one of those situations with what appears to be our first choice Serge Aurier agreeing to join Manchester United, who have now agreed a fee with PSG that is 35% more than we rated him at.

I'll leave you with Pochettino's words to the press calling Daniel Levy a 'brilliant man' who shares decisions and suffers for the club in December 2015.

“For me, [the criticism], it’s unfair because sometimes it’s difficult to have all the information - for you [the media] and for our supporters. For me, Daniel is a brilliant man. 
“After 18 months, I can judge him. I don’t care about the past because it’s impossible to give an opinion about the past but after 18 months here, always he is very friendly with me. 
“We have a very good relationship and the way he suffers for Tottenham, for his club, for the people, he is very sensitive in that - but sometimes it’s difficult to show that to you and our supporters. 
“For me, he is one of the best presidents in England or in the world. He’s done a brilliant job - how Tottenham is today, with the training ground, the project, the future, the new stadium, and how he works. I can only praise him because it’s brilliant. 
“It’s very difficult to manage a big club like Tottenham and, in his position, it’s always difficult to be kind to everyone but his job is fantastic and we have a very good relationship, we have very good communication. 
“We always share all the decisions. It’s true, it’s not fair when the people sometimes [criticise him] because they don’t have all the information. But for me, he’s a fantastic man and, with his knowledge, I can learn a lot from him. 
“We share everything. We take the decision to bring players in or not. We [the coaching staff] are involved in the decisions and this is a very good thing because I feel good, he feels good. 
“We have people behind us that feel like important people for the club too and I think we are a unit, and this is the most important thing. This is why I’m very happy here, because I find very good people, with the staff, and with Daniel we have a very good relationship. 
“He’s very clever, I’ve learned a lot from him in every chat, in every meeting. When he negotiates with me, now I am very strong! 
“I don’t have an agent and he offered the contract and I said yes or no or ‘I want more’. It was very tough and, in the end, he won. 
“For me it was a big surprise when I met Daniel because, face to face, he is very friendly. You always hear that he always sacks the manager and he’s very tough, but he was very kind with me. 
“He is a president who cares a lot about the club and the people. It’s true that he pushes us, which is very good for the club.”

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  1. Perhaps the most stomach churning vomit inducing bit of creeping that I have read.Shock Horror member of staff believes his boss is the best thing since sliced bread and on his off days can walk on water.You thoroughly deserve your free tickets for this.

    1. Levy is quite clearly the best in the EPL and possibly any league. The evidence in terms of clear progression in all areas is empirical, its not a matter of debate. This is only underlined by the fact that spurs have must less resources than the other top teams. You are unable to disconnect your fantasy from reality.

  2. what a load of bollocks ....transfers are done by PAYING THE ASKING PRICE not mugging of the chairman ,asking the player to put in a transfer request and on the last day refuse to sign the player ....the sooner levy and the owner go the better ...coys

    1. No they are not, they are done by negotiating a price that is best for your club.

    2. How did I miss this gem earlier. Are you Forrest Gump? Very accommodating. Perhaps not the best person to be advising about how to conduct business of any sort though. Maybe if you shout louder the whole world will reorganise itself to fit your perceptions.


  3. My my so bitter, so unwarranted. Look at us 3 years ago, look at us now and where we have finished last two seasons.

    1. Bitter NO,realist yes.I have been a supporter for 40 plus years.Lewis has put 21 million into thfc...if he cannot afford to continue to actually invest into our team to the next level then sell up.If everything is going so well why is our manager now calling for new signings whereas a few days ago people like you were saying we were title challengers,Our squad is nowhere strong enough,as seen by Man City.Did you see Liverpool last night? I cannot see us in the top 6 next year and when Toby goes soon followed by Erikson and Alli..Look at us at the end of last season with good scouting and realistic offers we should have strengthened which could have at least offered optimism.Now if you read the majority of down to earth THFC supporters it is disappointment that we have not seized the moment.or even tried to.Finally just remember that Lewis is running Spurs as a business and will sell at a massive profit with out giving a *"*t about you me or a our beloved club

    2. Levy is only a part owner, not the majority shareholder. perhaps you would prefer Mile Ashley a Newcastle to run Spurs and take us into the Championship!

      Our manager has explained Spurs are trying to bring people in and explained that some players are oput of our financial resources. Guess you ignored that bit from him eh.

      Those down to earth supporters, if they hold common sense, know full well the situation we are in and understand it. They are happy with the progress we are clearly making and understand the same policy has taken us from a mid table team to a team challenging for titles and appearing in Cup finals and semi-finals. The majority of supporters have faith and don't see things as you see them.

    3. "Bitter NO,realist yes."
      How many times do we see people of very little emotional courage claim to be realists rather than those who simply daren't hope. It's the same attitude that has the Arse down the road falling over themselves in spite of having one of the top financial positions around from which to build.

      It's not hard to notice that you find few (none) of such types in positions of power or responsibility.

      "Now if you read the majority of down to earth THFC supporters it is disappointment that we have not seized the moment.or even tried to."
      I guess they would be defined as any that fit your viewpoint of worrying about anything and everything.

      I too am a supporter of 50+ years. My football teacher was Cliff Jones' uncle and he got me hooked very early on in life. I've been through very many lean years. It's very tempting, having had hope dashed away on so many occasions, not to allow myself to hope now. On the other hand, my rational self sees there is a difference here. These aren't just a couple of lucky seasons. These are seasons that reflect a fundamental change in the club. I trust that those people responsible for that change have a good idea of what they're doing. After all, recent performances have shown they do. The last two seasons, taken together, show us as on top by a fair margin. ALL other teams trailing behind us.

      Certainly I can understand a fear to hope, but I certainly cannot support that fear intellectually. I suspect all here love the club I love. We may differ in opinions, but we're all together desiring the best for Spurs.


  4. As soon as the above two posters provide the cash to, not only pay the going price but also pay the "going" wage and at the same time the cash to raise everyone's weekly wage in order to keep pace with the newbies, then DL can go out and spend the money. Thank goodness we have a chairman with a brain.

  5. I'm not anti levy.
    That being said, anyone that can't see the parallels between what Poch is saying and what Wenger has said in the past must be very dishonest.
    Do I believe that Levy is the lone person involved with signings? No.
    Do I believe that Levy spends poorly (on players and managers at least) and at the wrong times? Damn right I do.
    Do I believe that "throwing money around like it's confetti" will attract a higher calibre of player? Let's ask Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Everton, PSG etc etc etc.... that part of your article is perhaps the most naive thing I've ever seen on this site! You could counter that the players choose those clubs for football if reasons over money but it is the money spent that has put those clubs in the positions that they're in and heading to (Everton) so anyone that is honest with themselves will admit that money had put those teams where they are, not 'footballing aspirations'

    1. As you point out, we can not throw money around like confetti as we don't have it.

    2. Unfortunately Clive, I believe Martyn was actually implying that "throwing money around like confetti" is the answer to our current problems. I'm sure he'll contradict me if I've interpretted him wrongly.

      Of course, he's ignoring the stories of clubs much more similar to us with a far more limited pot from which to scatter such confetti. Leeds, Newcastle etc. have shown the world what is likely to happen when they try to compete on those terms with the big boys. Newcastle used to be just after Spurs in turnover at seventh in England.

      For the sake of clarity I should state that I do believe that splashing the cash can have an uplifting effect on a team. Particularly in the short term. Unfortunately, to sustain that and avoid being a one-season wonder, would take more money than the club brings in and would thus be unsustainable. The result might be a short stay at the top of the game followed by bankruptcy (or almost). That would leave us following in the footsteps of those clubs already mentioned. Shamefully irresponsible considering we've already seen what is likely to happen.

      I believe West Ham are already feeling the pinch and Everton may well follow suit unless they're very careful. We'll see. Certainly we've consistently performed better than both in recent seasons. Hardly a damning verdict on how the club's being run.


  6. In Poch and Levy we trust, some of the posters here are not Spurs supporters,they are doing a brilliant job. Our starting eleven the envy of many cost £84m ,Pogba cost £89m.These posters can't see the bigger picture we can't out bid the other top five teams.COYS

  7. YAWN...
    Notice that the great unwashed offer no alternatives to support their mundane fantasies.
    There's no indication as to which player, in what positions, we should buy to improve the squad.
    Hopefully your baseless protestations will, (like Harry Hotspur) disenfranchise yourselves to the extent that you simply become irrelevant.
    "How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct"...Disraeli

    1. So Poch is now saying we need to buy and we need to buy quality if we want to compete.

      Is he now part of the Great Unwashed?

  8. Of course Poch is going to back his boss, all the fans have to do is look at how much Spurs have actually spent in transfers over the last 5 years or so, and when you have had a look, you'll see that we haven't spent much at all. Every other club doesn't seem to have problems signing players but Levy has to get the players for the price he wants and that's it, it comes across like he's not even interested in negotiating, it's his way or the highway, that's where our problems evolve, along with the low wage structure compared to the other top sides, it's no surprise we don't get the kind of quality player we all desire.

    1. Every other club isn't building a new stadium or built a new training complex to attract players. Wedon't have the income to pay the wages of the top teams, our turnover is only £210m, Man U is £515m for instance and a club is only allowed to make a £30m loss over a 3-year period or face UEFA sanctions..

    2. Actually, just forget for a moment how much we're spending on players. Which other club has as many players we'd love to see at Spurs as we do? Maybe we didn't break the bank to get them, but if Kane, Dele, Alderweireld, Eriksen, Wanyama etc. were to be put up for sale now, how many of the cash splashers would give their eye-teeth to get them from us.

      I suppose it's nice that I can still be surprised with what people come out with, but some people seem to be born without an embarrassment gene.


  9. OMG, here is a team built by Poch and Levy who has supported the youth policy which has brought through some of the most valuable players in the world and enabled us to challenge for the Premier championship. And yet we still have moooooaaaaners. I'm utterly positive that, even if we won the bloody league this season, we would still have Spurs fans who couldn't stop their moaning. It's a pain to read and it's a pain to hear at WHL. And we're probably going to have to listen to it at Wembley as soon as anything goes wrong. It's the main reason why so many fans of other clubs can't stand us. The South stand and other large pockets try to keep the moaners at bay but Jeez it's a full time job. Poch deserves his whacking big salary to put up with it.

    1. Love this they'd still moan even IF we won the League......

      We'd have to win 1 first to test your theory out can't see it happening while Levy is strangling the club

    2. name them these MVP players I can only think of one HK and he'll be gone next season along with mopo & da levy good for enic bad for spurs

    3. Alderweireld, delli Ali, Eriksson, Walker (60m in case you didn't notice), Rose (man ure were desperate to get him). As indeed they were prepared to pay millions for Dier. Wanyama. Oh, what's the point in going on, you can "only think of hk". What have you been watching for the last few years?

  10. So your interviewed by say your firms internal quarterly Newsletter, your department is the Topic and they ask u "so what's it like to work for (insert bosses name)" what are you gonna really say????

    I'm working miracles coz old tight wad upstairs won't give us any money, I've no idea how I'm managing to keep my best staff here on the peanuts he's paying, every idea I mention he won't back but still wants us to be competitive......

    Right your gonna say that ;-)

    1. In your perception he won't back us, but that depends upon what criteria you are using. Poch tried for Morata, he could do that without levy's say so, so clearly he does have his backing. Sissoko was Poch's choice not Levy's!

      he is constantly backed within our company structure and budgetary limits, as would happen in most responsible companies.

    2. You actually believe you can construe what Poch said as merely the words of a toady? Am I in a farce here? If that's your grasp of the English language, even as poorly represented as it is by Poch, then I can only infer you were educated at the 'University of Life'. Unfortunately you bunked off all the classes.

      That is such a desparate attempt at denial I can hardly do anything but laugh. And groan. That's really so sad.


  11. Arsenal and Liverpool generate 50 to 100 pc more revenue than Spurs, forget Man United. To try and compete doing the same things is idiotic. We need to be clever and make more of our resources. Hearing the uneducated masses regurgitating the talking points of "experts" just makes me more confident that not doing what they are demanding we should do is the more intelligent option.

    1. You're preaching to the deaf, James. It's a bit like the moaners in politics. They have convinced themselves of their position and the more you criticise it the more they believe it even if it's insane, illogical and all the rest of the words that add up to daft. If the team was playing crap and several top players had left in the last month then I could kind of understand the moans but to do it when we've been fighting way above our weight and when we're on the cusp of exciting times is just way beyond belief.



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