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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Pochettino choice to promote youth

The work you've done at Southampton and Tottenham is outstanding work, but you've also promoted young English players and you've also taken chances, you've put belief into young players. What is your idea on that? Because I think it is a frustration of many that young players don't get a chance - but under you, they do get a chance.

Mauricio Pochettino:
"Yes for me when I started my career at Newell's Old Boys and I met people like Marcelo Bielsa who believe a lot in the youngsters. It always was my idea when I was growing up and building my career as a player and the moment I thought to be a manager.

"I think it is important to pay back all that people gave you and for me it is important to provide young players, young talent with the possibility to challenge and to compete with the first team. I am not scared to give them the responsibility if they show me they are ready and are mature enough.

"And for me, I am so happy when five years ago when I came to England I found in Southampton an amazing team, amazing people and young English players with a lot talent. Like Luke Shaw, like Clyne, like Lallana, like Jay Rodriguez, like Prowsey (James Ward-Prowse), many, many, many players - Chambers after - that show they are hungry to show the quality and play. And I think it was an amazing job there."
Source: Football London

In his reply to reporters recently Mauricio Pochettino talked about his philosophy, not Daniel Levy's, on youth development. It has been pained by some that this is Daniel Levy imposing youth upon Pochettino, that is not the whole story.

Yes the club needed to find a way to compete with richer clubs and producing our own players or developing young purchases is an understandable way forward when we have stadium loans to pay back. Finding a manager who could develop youngsters and more importantly wanted to was a natural step.

Pochettino has youth development in his DNA, it's what he wants to do as part of being a coach. While many clubs are scared of playing youngsters in competitive games, Pochettino isn't, as he says, show me you are good enough and mature enough and you'll play.

We, from the outside,don't see what takes place on the training ground, we don't know what the youngsters are showing. Pre-season is about fitness and youngsters get a chance to play, that doesn't mean they are match fit to play and this is their chance, they have to develop fitness just like everyone else. They have to make mistakes so they can learn from them, nobody succeeds without failing first.


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  1. You either believe in what Spurs are doing or you don't, so while i'm totally on board with how you view Poch/Levy/Transfer/Youth and fully understand how we are going about things and what we are trying to achieve, unfortunately many don't......and whatever you write probably falls on deaf ears.

    I'd ask all the doubters why they think Poch is still manager of Spurs and why does he always look completely calm and always gives a calm interview about 'our philosophy' while never making any snide comments directed at the board ? He's one of the most sought after coaches around, could earn far more money elsewhere , yet he's Spurs and seems absolutely intent on staying Spurs for the foreseeable future. Why is that if Levy is a bad chairman who doesn't back his manager and holds the club back ???? there is only one logical answer yet some fans just can't comprehend it.

    1. top answer TD how wonderful if one day soon the whole spurs side would be one of our own now that would be magic C.O.Y.S

    2. A very good point well expressed TD :-)




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