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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Morata reiterates Spurs problem


It is a problem fans know about and understand, or we should. Spurs former director of football Damien Comolli (2005 - 2008) talked about it yesterday, quotes from Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata about it today.

“Morata talked about myself, in the media he said ‘Mauricio called me’. That was two years ago or more. 
“He said to me: ‘Why do you want me if you have Harry Kane? You know, if you go to try to sign a striker, they will say: ‘eh gaffer, you want me for what? To be on the bench? I can’t compete with Harry Kane or Hugo Lloris or different players.’ 
“It’s so difficult to convince good players to come and then be on the bench. Then the problems start.”

Try telling our fans that it is difficult to bring a quality player to Spurs, they seem to think you only have to throw money around and everyone will come running. If they did they would be here for the wrong reasons, as QPR found out when they paid crazy salaries for their income for a season in a gamble to cement a Premier League place. It backfired and they are still trying to recover having had to sell player and rebuild using lesser talents and reducing the wage bill for years to come.

Given the financial constraints, Manchester United £515m turnover, Tottenham £210m turnover, stadium expenditure and the fact we therefore have to work with a wages budget vastly less than all our rivals, finding two world class stars some fans are calling for is virtually impossible.

Rising stars who may become world class stars are another matter but as we have seen lately, youngsters think they have made it when they have only just started their careers. many seem to want an elite club for the prestige of being there then wonder why they aren't being picked.

Manchester United
Turnover £515m (1st, the highest in the league)
Wages £232m (Highest in the league, 45% of turnover)
Turnover bigger than Spurs: £305m

Manchester City
Turnover £392m (2nd highest in the league)
Wages £198m (4th highest, 51% of turnover)
Turnover bigger than Spurs: £182m

Turnover £354m (3rd highest in the league)
Wages £195m (5th highest, 55% of turnover)
Turnover bigger than Spurs: £144m

Turnover £335m (4th highest in the league)
Wages £224m (2nd highest, 67% of turnover)
Turnover bigger than Spurs: £125m

Turnover £302m (5th highest in the league)
Wages £208m (3rd highest, 69% of turnover)
Turnover bigger than Spurs: £92m

Tottenham Hotspur
Turnover £210m (6th highest in the league)
Wages £100m (6th highest, 48% of turnover)

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  1. Well there are many strikers out there, both young up and coming, and in the autumn of their careers, who would be more than delighted to join us and rotate with Kane. Just look at some of the signings made by other clubs below us.
    Truth is we're stuck with Janssen for another season because levy knows he'll lose money on him, so is prepared to risk success on the perhaps 10% chance that Vincent morphs into Ruud Van Nistelrooy!
    Sometimes it makes more economical sense in the long run to buy far fewer players but spend much more on each one, that's how you get a Mane or Sanchez. Alli's are one in a million.
    We could have signed Batshuayi last summer for probably £32m. Undoubtedly he would have been more successful, given us much needed pace, and Poch would have turned him into something very special IMO.
    Nobody can now seriously argue that splashing far more cash combined on Janssen, N'Koudoo and Sissoko made more sense can they?
    Levy just doesn't seem to get it, he can't help himself from throwing money around on as many cheapish players that he can find. In my experience quality will always beat quantity.
    This summer he appears shell-shocked and unable to do even that, Poch has been forced to drop hints in the press to try and encourage levy out of hiding!!
    Isn't it ironic that now we're on the verge of greatness, we've got a chairman who's is only interested in commercial success? If Poch had been at any other top 6 club I'm convinced he'd have multiple trophies to his name by now. Very sad.

  2. My points exactly Hubba. Our transfer policy in buying 3rd or 4th tier players is rubbish. You might as well not bother with them and just keep buying youngsters.
    As for the above sums about only being able to spend 45% of turnover it doesn't seam to be stopping anyone else buying but it is a very good excuse we use for not taking a chance.
    We squeak when we walk and the financial fair play is anything but fair unless you want to hide behind it !

  3. I can't agree with you guys. If wishing made it so, fine. That's not how things work in the real world (Did I just say that. Even from me it sounds lame). Seriously though, the choice of which club to go to for Batshuayi, was always Batshuayi's. Throwing money at him, however disasterous that would have proven for the club over even the medium term, would have had rugger ball effect. He wanted to be at a club with recent history which all but guarantees success. A club with known funds to buy in what it wants and thus give a good chance to play with qualty all around him. I personally believe he made the wrong call, but he did, and no amount of offering silly money from Spurs would have made much difference.

    The idea that we are financially in a position to buy in the finished article year after year seems ludicrous to me. Facts are facts. Certainly most are obscured by people with a point to make, but financial figures and recent history all seem to support the idea that trying to compete with the big boys on the basis of spending money, where they clearly have a massive advantage, will never get us to the top of the heap. If we play that game we'll naturally end up around sixth every season. It's not rocket science. We're trying a different approach, and so far it's working spectacularly well. Why so many seem unable to appreciate that is beyond my comprehension.




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