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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Liverpool have Football vs Money differences


If I have this right, Philippe Coutinho has packed his bags to leave for Barcelona, understandably, the owners of Liverpool are happy to accept the money being offered by the Spanish club but Jurgen Klopp is refusing to sanction the move.

Money vs Football.

This is the cry from fans across the country and certainly the same here at Tottenham. The difference is how much money a club already has, Liverpool have sufficient turnover not to have to sell Coutinho and to invest in the team. The club at the last audited accounts had a wages bill over double our own.

At Spurs it was £100m at Liverpool £208m.

Liverpool turnover (end of June 2016) - £302m (5th highest in the league)
Tottenham Hotspur -  £210m (6th highest in the league)

The merseyside club have £92m more income and pay 69% of their turnover in wages, while Spurs pay the UEFA guidline figure of 48%, but then we do also have the expense of a new stadium.

Are the Liverpool owners, The Renway Sports Group, co-owned by John William Henry II, looking to adjust that percentage figure? An extra £90 million coming in would certainly make a difference, even if you did spend say £40 million on a replacement player.

In an ideal world football would always be the winner, but we don't live in that world. The reality is the business has to be successful to invest in the team and these issues are going to continue to arise.

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  1. This transfer saga is exactly why Spurs fans should be far more chilled about our current 'non signings' and be far more focused on how well Spurs have done to hold onto all the players that they wanted to hang on to. To have the youngest squad in the league, yet finish 3rd and 2nd in successive seasons,but with no trophies and a low wage ceiling would make a team ripe for 'bigger' teams to cherry pick their best players......but that hasn't happened & instead of the constant moaning about not signing anyone, we should be incredible thankful that we haven't lost any of our core 'star' players. Most of that is down to the manager, but the players are clearly happy at Spurs, which must include the wages they get, their progress and their view of the future of the club they play for - for which Levy should receive some credit. We all want a few signings (which i'm sure will happen) but the most critical thing for our club to achieve this summer was to hang onto our best players, and that has happened. Liverpool have far more history and far more income than us, yet look how they are being destabilised by this potential transfer. Let us be grateful that the Sky pundits are ex Liverpool players and Eriksen isn't Brazilian, otherwise Barcelona would be chasing the superior player.

  2. Spot on.

    The point about comparative revenues and wages is so I portent but so difficult to get through to folk who swallow media BS whole. We don't have a safe cap, as is so often reported, we have a safe structure. And it is exactly that advised by UEFA. It is the other clubs who are distorting the situation who are doing things wrongly.

    Oh how I remember Liverpool fans telling us we would sell Bale and laughing when it happened because "yous are a selling club lah". And how I remember when we replied that they would sell Shares, their answer was "no become we are Liverpewel. We're norra sellin club. Serra club tha' wins things!" And how I remember their laughter when the Bale money purchases weren't immediately successful. And how they cheered, when they used the Suarez money, and Brentan Rodgers gloated that they "aren't Tottenham, they have a plan!" 😂

    1. The bale money purchases were all failures.

    2. You believe Eriksen is a failure Andy?

    3. As Clive points out - most, but not all. Easy to forget among so many but even some of the failures had positive effect. Eriksen, arguably, made up for all the others in one go.

      Besides, that was then. We have a new team at the helm now. One better focused on weeding out the failures before we get them in.

      One thing we can be very thankful of is that we have a chairman who works with, and supports, the manager. Klopp deserves the same.

      So, Liverpool are a selling club now. A point I shall be happy to bring to mind when called upon .


  3. i remember when we were skint and had to sweat on selling Gazza to stay afloat im happy that will not happen again under Enic as they say Rome was not built in a day watch us rise in Levy we trust

  4. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. It says it all we pay out the recommended 46% of turnover on wages, while Liverpool pay out 69% of a greater turnover on their wage bill.
    We hide behind a stadium build, Liverpoolhave just finished there new stand , which was miles behind our proposed development.
    Lets just face facts , we squeak when we walk !

  5. I think most of your points here support the idea we're absolutely not fiddling while Rome burns Steve. The wage bill is what it is. We're doing better than Liverpool (consistently) while they're paying a greater portion of their turnover into wages. Has that stopped bigger clubs coming for their players? Is ours the city that's burning or is theirs (metaphorically of course)?

    Their stand build was considerably delayed too, and was a compromise anyway that won't give them what our new stadium will give us. They simply weren't bold enough to take on a new stadium. There is very little doubt that building a large new stadium in London will have a massive effect on turnover, both near and far term. Look at The Emirates. How much did the Arse struggle during that period? How well are they cushioned now from their poor performances because of their massive stand?

    We should face facts - but that doesn't mean we have to face only those we select. It's natural to feel threatened during times of great change. Look at the results though. Everywhere you look we're doing better than expected. The next couple of seasons may well be tough ones, but it looks like we'll get through and do better in the league than ever we did in the many seasons preceeding Poch's tenure.

    Change doesn't all have to be bad. We can anticipate and expect further success in spite of it being over a period of much change.


    1. I was only using Nero as Rome was thrown in Ade.
      I really am not anti Levy or how we are doing things and I think I have said it before we are that close.
      Look there is no getting away from it. Dan Dan loves a deal and I don't think he can always see the the benefit of getting the deal done early or taking the risk but that's the sort of business he runs and he runs that well.If you were to gauge a business from who much money they could produce he wouldn't be at the top because he doesn't take enough risk to accumulate vast wealth. The question is , when we catch up or competitors with the NFL and ground build they will have moved on their own earning streams and will will still be well behind. A successful side will out strip any internal growth as everyone wants to be associated with a winning product. We can grow the brand but they will be growing there's to.

    2. Again, largely agree. Differ in my interpretation somewhat - obviously.

      Clever use of Nero. Not 100% appropriate IMHO but you've got to throw in what you can. All part of the to and fro.

      Not sure how much Dan doesn't understand about the early deal. I see us as being in a different marketplace from the richer clubs we strive to compete with. They can more easily afford to throw money at prizing a player away from another club. We use that strategy at our peril. We also suffer more, I'd suggest, from not doing so as playing for Spurs is something most players need to gear up for over a period of time. A nice balance (Nice in it's truest sense of course).

      Poch can explain all that to him if he were in need of an explanation. I suspect it's just one of those things we need to battle through as we're in no position to do otherwise. It's a long while since the balance of power in English football has shifted. That's no accident. Shitty being bought out by some super-rich arab (Before FFP came in) was the last and Chelski before that.

      Our situation's quite different. Gone are the days when such a transformation can be so easily done with a simple injection of billions. We have to approach it differently, and we are. AFAIK we're the only club with the audacity to attempt what we're doing. Building the club up on and off the field is no easy task. No-one else would even try. Maybe they will once we've shown it can be done. Maybe it's a one-off that can't be repeated. I can't say.

      I can say I'm happy and proud to be a supporter of Spurs, who Dare to Do it. I can say I sometimes get nervous when I hear things that don't seem to be positive. I'm an old enough man to catch myself and remind myself that you can't make omelettes without cracking a few eggs. Thankfully, the changes that are coming are coming extremely fast when looked at from a historical perspective. Two ECLs in two years is not something we've ever managed before, and neither required the extra elimination round.

      I'm not one to discount pre-Premiership history, but even then you have to go back to the early sixties to see the last time we were doing so well in the league consistently. What's almost more remarkable is that we're doing this without basing it on a high-risk approach. We're building the club fundamentally into a new entity. Not separate from its proud history, but preparing to build upon it from a position of strength. Sure it takes discipline sometimes, but any time I stop and think about what's going on and what has already, I can easily see the need to panic is just a natural reaction. Things are still looking very good. We're in very safe hands.


  6. I agree Ade and very proud and I don't want a sugar daddy , just putting another perspective on it but I will say when you have vast amounts of money very few play by the rules. You can call it fair play rules but it really doesn't apply to multi dillon airs.
    The fair play rule actually helps preserve the status quo ( Whatever you want , da da da da, Whatever you need da da da da )

  7. If one reads the publications & commentary on the UEFA site with regard to their ‘Fair Play Incentive’ they freely admit to leniency in their application of the rules, choosing to follw a path of compromise rather than that of confrontation.
    In other words ‘we ain’t gonna bite the hand that feeds us’ but ‘we need to be seen to maintaining the status quo’…
    The 2017/18 accounts for PSG should make interesting reading…

  8. Exactly Hib and if it suits to hide behind it then let the shoe fit.

  9. The effect may well not be as forceful as it should be, but I think it unlikely that another Shitty or Chelski could come and change the status quo quite so easily in future.

    I don't claim to be an expert but that's how I read it. I believe we are on a very exciting and sensible path ATM and I'm happy we are.




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